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What Is A Volunteer Fireman

Well, first of all he's always busy, Up to his neck in jobs to do,
He must earn a living every day, Keep his family, too.

He likes hanging 'round the firehouse, As the boys chew the fat,
Playing cards and watching T.V., Having drills and things like that.

It's true he isn't home a lot, But rather at the station,
And when convention time rolls 'round, He's there, That's his vacation.

He's known to be awakened by the siren, Late at night,
The sound that is his warning, There's a fire somewhere to fight.

He's highly trained in fighting fires, He's passed the first-aid test,
In Fact in all emergencies, You can bet he'll do his best.

Most times he's rather happy, Taking pride in his fire-team,
In the hose that must fold perfect and the engines that must gleam.

He's splendid in his uniform when he parades in competition,
Always hoping that his company will win highest recognition.

He only asks just once a year for the citizen's donation,
To help improve equipment and to operate the station.

He devotes much time and effort, To the biggest job in town,
So he's a mighty important guy to always have around.

Now fellows, Since this verse is made in modest salutation,
We wish you one and all to know, You're important to our Nation.

And so in closing may we add, Our thanks and our esteem,
To the men who are living up to a little boy's dream.