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The Volunteer

We are heard
we are seen
we can hear the worlds
weakest scream.

We are friends
we are family
we can't just not respond
now can we?

We have fun, we have fears,
for we are all volunteers.
Some are young,some are old,
But we are all as good as gold.

We are short,we are tall
But we know God will Bless us all.
When the call goes out,
we are there without a doubt.

For we are all loving
people as everyone knows
it could be our family,
but regardless we all still care.

We try to save them all,
but we sometimes have one fall.
But when it happens again,
we still answer the call.

We hear the screams of
the old and young alike
but we know in our heart
we can't lose the fight.

When we go to a fire
where children are present,
their cries that we hear with our heart,
but we know we can't be hesitant.

We all hurt inside when
one dies
when the flames grow higher and
we cant get inside.

We take up the ax
and break in the door
the smoke is so heavy
we cant breath anymore.

We crawl towards the cries
ringing in our ears
and we find a child of
just a few years.

As the timbers fall and
the flames are so hot,
we carry the child to safety
that time seems to have forgot.

We carry this child to its
mothers waiting arms
She holds him close and
thanks God that he is not harmed.

When all is said and done, and
this time has passed
We thank God
we are safe at last.

But we know its
not the last.
When the call comes in once again
we ask God for a helping hand.

And as we do this year after year
The living are still alive,
Because of us