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The Search

Crawling in a long dark hallway,
 Flames rolling over my head,
 I can’t see anything,
 Nothing but black,
 Searching each room rapidly,
 Trying to find a living form,
 Only to find the devils trail,
 I hear something,
 I hear a cry of help,
 Not knowing where it came from,
 But knowing I must be close,
 The screams getting louder and louder,
 I must be getting close,
 Close enough to feel the pain she is going through,
 Now running low on air,
 My bell starts to whistle,
 Knowing I can’t stop,
 Knowing I can’t stop now,
 I found her!
 The devil in holding her,
 Laughing, saying it’s too late,
 I came all this way I m not leaving without her,
 Now picking a fight with the devil himself,
 The man of all evil,
 Now completely out of air,
 Falling to the ground,
 Thinking the devil won,
 And knowing he has two lives now,
 Just then out of know where,
 Christ himself came walking in,
 Pulling both of us out of harms way,
 Then going back to finish what I started,
 Making the devil run scared,
 I only have one person to thank,
 And when I wake up every morning,
 I thank that one man,
 For saving my life.