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The Last Command

Once I Had a Dream While I Was Sleeping
That the Whole World Passed Away,
and the Chief of All Creation, Worked the Scene
That Judgment Day.

There Were People of Every Color,
There Were People of Every Size.
They Were Putting Them into Sectors,
According to the Way They Led Their Lives.
Assistant Chief Angels Had Their Sectors,
They Knew How to Handle Things.

Then I Noticed a Group of People.....
They Were Holding Them to the Side.
Rehabbing Sort of Loose and Easy,
While the Angels Worked Their Sectors Wide.
I.C. Judged and Tagged the Others,
by this Book of Rules He Held.
Then I Heard Him Tell an Angel....
"Now Bring on the Firefighters."
So They Geared up and Advanced Forward,
Some Surprised but Not Worried at All.
And Went up to Meet this Chief of Judgment Day....
Came this Rugged Seasoned Brigade.

Each One Pulled Their Helmets on Tighter,
That They Did from Habit.......
for it’s a Trick of Most Firefighters to Do this
Before They Enter a World of Flame.
Some Were Young,
Some Were Older,
Some Walked with a Limping Stride.
Some Still Had on Their SCBA's ......
the Ones They Were Wearing When They Died.
They All Stood in Line to Answer,
for The Way They Had Spent Their Days.
And They Faced the I.C. of Heaven with a Calm and Level Gaze.

And the Chief of All Creation.....
Gave the Firefighters a Careful Look.
Then He Said to Operations Angel....
"Bring Me That Fireground Ops Book.

So I Turned and Asked Resource Angel.......
Why the Book of Judgment Had Been Turned 'Round?
And He Judged this Group of Firefighters....
by the Laws That Rule the Fireground?
And He Answered,
Very Solemn,
That the Reason Is Because,
You Can Never Judge a Firefighter...
by Some Civilian's Laws.

You See this Group of People,
They Have Fought the Devil Himself in His Own Den,
They Have Saved the Lives of Others,
Countless and Unknown,
Without a Thought That the Lives That Could Be Lost,
Very Well, Could Be Their Own.

They Have Fought to Quell the Flame and Chaos,
to Look Through the Smoke and Ruin,
Only to See That Devil Laugh, and Run Away.
Knowing He'll Be Back Again,
in a New Place and a Different Day.
But this Group Goes Back at Him,
with the Strength of a Hundred Men,
Knowing it’s a Fight on Earth,
They Can Never Win.

Then I Looked Back at the Chief of Heaven,
Just in Time to Hear Him Say.........

"Pick Up.........." "We're Going In!!!"