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My Dad's Fireman

MY DAD'S A FIREMAN, and proud am I, indeed,

For he is someone special, whose wisdom I still need.

Dad and I are buddies and, to me, that means a lot,

A bond to last forever, with love that forms the knot.

He took me to parades, when other kids stayed home,

And he taught me how to play baseball, on a field without a dome.

He showed me how to fix things, even let me use his tools,

What I learned from Dad~they don't teach in schools.

The examples that he set, I follow everyday.

Placing God and Country first, in showing me the way.

Precious are those years, now tucked away with time,

Tenderly remembered: I, as the leaf~He, as the vine.

Dad, hear me as I say~"I love you", man-to-man,

And, I'm proud to tell the world, MY DAD'S A FIREMAN.

Author Unknown