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Grandpa Fireman

There aren't many kids ~ so I'm led to understand,

Who can really and truly say, MY GRANDPA'S A FIREMAN.

My Grandpa never gets older like kids who grow each day;

He doesn't even have wrinkles 'cause God made him that way.

There's somethin' special 'bout him, and I know what he says is true;

For he wants me to be fair and honest in everything I do.

He takes me to parades, and I sit in his big red truck;

I push the siren so very loud ~ you'd almost think it was stuck!

At times his clothes smell funny; I hold my nose and say "PEEE-UU!"

But I know it's from smoke and the kind of work he has to do.

On Christmas and Thanksgiving ~ even Easter and birthdays, too,

We visit Grandpa and Grandma where there's so many things to do.

I know I'm really lucky; I'm the happiest kid in the land,

Since I have someone I love and can say, MY GRANDPA'S A FIREMAN.

             -author unknown