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 2020  Call Info

Apparatus: Assisting Agencies:
541Rescue (ATV)
542Engine / Rescue
POVPersonal Vehicle
IDNameCounty / Township / City
CITZCitizens AmbulanceIndiana County
150ClymerIndiana County
IPSPState PoliceIndiana Barracks
520Cherry TreeIndiana County
170Glen CampbellIndiana County
190Marion CenterIndiana County
240Cherryhill Twp.Indiana County
570Pine Twp.Indiana County
C50HopeCambria County
RIGRIG TeamIndiana County
CL64BurnsideClearfield County
340RossiterIndiana County
100IndianaIndiana County
PennDotPennDotIndiana County
PSPFMState Police Fire MarshallIndiana Barracks
C59NicktownIndiana County
CL29MahaffeyClearfield County
J17Big RunJefferson County
CL45WestoverClearfield County
VETVeterans AmbulanceCambria County
J20CentralJefferson County
350PlumvilleIndiana County
260CreeksideIndiana County
C58SpanglerCambria County
PPSPState PolicePunxsutawney Barracks
J40LindsayJefferson County
C55HastingsCambria County
GreenSupSupervisorsGreen Township
C62PattonCambria County
160Coral - GracetonIndiana County
HazMatHazMat TeamIndiana County
MontSupSupervisorsMontgomery Township
SHFSherriffIndiana County
FOXBureau of ForestyDistrict 6
GrantSupSupervisorsGrant Township
120BlairsvilleIndiana County
211Westmoreland All TerrainWestmoreland County
600Evergreen Search & RescueIndiana County
K9K9 DogIndiana County

#DateTypeDispatchedClearedLocationMunicipalityApparatusAssisting AgenciesComments
00101-01Traffic Control05:5709:4283 Glenwood AveGlen Campbell Boro546, STN, POV170, 340, CITZ, IPSPDispatched To Assist 170 With A Road Closure In Glen Campbell. Crews Established Traffic Control On Glenwood Ave. Near The American Legion.
00201-01Structure Fire19:5820:453667 Cherry Tree Rd Montgomery542, 543, STN, POV, 547170, 520, C50, CITZ, CL29, PennDot, RIGCamper On Fire, Fire Marshall Was Contacted. Brett Gromley From 150 Assisted
00301-08Car Fire11:3511:59 71 Douglas StGreen543 Arrived On Scene To Find Fire Mostly Contained To The Driver Side Dash Area.
00401-13Vehicle Accident Entrapment17:1822:57Cherry Tree Rd & Moyer RdMontgomery542, 546, STN, POV170, 520, C50, CITZ, IPSPDispatched To Assist 520 With A Vehicle Accident With Heavy Entrapment. Crews Arrived And Worked To Free The Patients. Crews Also Assisted With Traffic Control And Lighting.
00501-18Tree Down22:3723:03 Route 286 Hwy E / Route 240 Hwy-Green546, POV Tree Down Blocking Roadway, Cleared Tree.
00601-28Ambulance Assist20:5421:207162 Route 240 HwyGreen542, POVCITZLift Assist For Fall Patient For Citz 40 Medic 14.
00702-02Vehicle Accident Injuries09:4110:3711394 Route 286 Hwy E -Green542, 546, POV, 547CITZ, IPSPHead On Collision On 286 Near Calvary Baptist Church. Citizens Assisted
00802-03Fire Alarm Activation23:5000:4116957 Route 286 Hwy E -Green543, 546, POV Fire Alarm Activation At Pl South Elementary. Nothing Was Found, Assisted By Maintenance Supervisor.
00902-07Vehicle Accident No Injuries06:0807:32Route 286 Hwy E / Taylorsville Rd-Green546, STN, POVIPSPOne Vehicle Into A Ditch
01002-07Traffic Control07:4108:09Route 286 Hwy E / Rice RdGreen546, STN, POVPennDotDisabled Tractor Trailer Blocking 286 Westbound Lane
01102-08Vehicle Accident No Injuries12:3713:34 6000 Route 240 Hwy Green542, 546, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Rolled Over
01202-21Vehicle Accident No Injuries23:2003:40 Route 580 Hwy, Mulberry Rd / Greenwich RdGreen542, POVIPSP1 Person Sheared Telephone Pole
01302-23Structure Fire10:4311:49412 Arcadia RdMontgomery542, 543, POV, 547150, 170, 520, CITZStructure Fire Cause By A Brush Fire
01402-27CO Alarm14:1414:20163 Stiffler LnGreenSTN, POV Co Alarm, Cancelled
01503-06Ambulance Assist09:1809:4164 Privateroad 5054 RdGreen546, POVCITZDispatched To Assist Ems With Lifting.
01603-09Fire Alarm Activation13:1013:1416957 Route 286 Hwy EGreenSTN Dispatched For A Fire Alarm. When 540 Chief Went Enroute 911 Advised The Alarm Company Was Reporting The School Was Conducting A Fire Drill. All Units Cancelled At That Time.
01703-09Structure Fire14:4618:421652 Hemlock Lake RdBanks541, 543, 546, STN, POV, 547170, 340, CITZ, J17, J20, PSPFMDispatched To Assist 170 With A Structure And Brush Fire At This Address. 543 And Its Crew Assisted With Fire Attack. 547 Supplied Water, And 546 And 541 Worked The Brush Fire.
01803-09Brush Fire17:1417:22Hillman RdBanks541, 543, 546, STN, POV, 547340, J17Responded From Structure Fire With 546 And 541 To Assist With A Brush Fire In Jefferson 17S Area. 340 Assistant 1 Arrived On Scene And Found A Controlled Burn And Cancelled All Units.
01903-13Brush Fire14:3318:492503 Route 580 HwyGreen541, 542, 546, STN, POV, 547150, 190, 240, 520, 570, C50, C59, CITZ, PennDotBrush Fire, Approx 35Acres. Assisted By 150,520,,190,240,570,C50,C59. C50 Held Standby In Our Station. Ryan Shultz Drove 542
02003-15Debris Fire17:3318:38 Hartman Rd / East Run Rd-Grant543, STN, POV, 547 Debris Fire Of Torn Down House
02103-16Structure Fire16:4717:43 2580 Grisemore RdGreen543, STN, POV, 547520, 570, C50, C59, CITZSmall Structure Fire In Rear Of A Garage.
02203-22Brush Fire15:1715:06 4419 Grisemore Rd -Green546, STN, POV, 547 Approx. 1Acre Brush Fire
02303-23Ambulance Assist14:3115:18128 Purchase Line RdGreen542, POVCITZEms Assist, Later Cancelled While In Route
02403-25Unknown Type Fire02:0202:45 47 Privateroad 5069 Rd Green543, 546, STN, POV, 547 Small Pile Of Brush On Fire
02503-25Vehicle Accident Injuries16:3918:18Hill Rd / Wandin Rd-Green542, 546, STN, POVCITZOne Truck Into A Tree
02603-25Car Fire18:1918:40Route 240 Hwy / Hazelnut RdGreen542, STN Vehicle From Wreck Caught On Fire While On Tow Truck
02703-29Wires Down13:1214:212292 Smith StGreen546, POV Tree On Live Wires. Waited For Penelec To Remove From Wire Then Proceeded To Clear Roadway Of Tree.
02803-31Vehicle Accident Injuries17:1118:11 13587 Route 286 Hwy E -Green542, 546, POVCITZOne Vehicle Into A Tree
02904-01Car Fire23:1100:17 6267 Route 580 Hwy -Green543, 546, POV, 547 Rebecca Drove Tanker. One Vehicle On Fire Not Endangering A Structure
03004-02Structure Fire22:5405:001000 Philadelphia Ave - Northern CambriaSusquehanna542, 543, POV150, 520, C50, C55, C58, C62, PSPFM, VETCommercial Structure Fire Assisting C50
03104-05Standby13:5914:02410 Musser StreetGreenSTN Standby Held In Our Station For Glen Campbell Station 170 Until Called Out To Brush Fire
03204-05Landing Zone14:5215:11Gypsy Rd/ Wilgus RdMontgomery543, STN170, 520, CITZLanding Zone Assisting Glen Campbell Station 170 Along With Cherry Tree Fire Department For A Atv Accident
03304-05Brush Fire14:0214:52601 Abel RoadGrant546, STN, 547 Approx .25 Acre On Fire On Abel Road, Quickly Contained And Put Out
03404-06Structure Fire09:1913:07105 Pine StBurnside Boro543, STN, POV, 547150, 170, 340, 520, C55, C58, C62, CITZ, CL29, CL4Company Responded To A 2 Story House Fire In Burnside Boro. Both Tanker 547 And Engine 543 Responded With Full Crews. Once On Scene, Both Truck Were Staged As A Fill Site For Other Assisting Departments.
03504-13Ambulance Assist04:0704:3718844 Route 286 Hwy EMontgomery546, STN, POVCITZ, VETAssisted Ems With Emergency Extrication Of Medical Patient.
03604-15Fire Alarm Activation06:1606:47 895 Acorn RdGreenSTN, POV Fire Alarm Activation, Nothing Found Once On Scene
03704-26Structure Fire12:0613:59126 Cherryhill RdCherryhill542, 543, POV, 547100, 150, 240, C50, CITZ, RIGDispatched To Assist 150 With A Chimney Fire That Was Spreading Into The Attic. 543 Arrived Shortly Behind E154 And Was Assigned Supplying 5 Inch Laid Up The Driveway. 547 Arrived A Minute Later And Assisted 543 Engineer And Crew From 157 Setting Up Porta Tank And Drafting Operation. Manpower From 543, 547 And 542 When It Arrived Proceeded Up The Driveway To Assist With Fire Attack. 547 And 542 Then Proceeded To A Nearby Hydrant To Establish A Water Supply. 240 And 100 Crews Arrived To Assist At The Structure And Were Soon Released As Fire Was Under Control.
03805-03Vehicle Accident Injuries19:4021:1955 Wandin RdGreen542, 546, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Off The Roadway Over The Embankment. Units Assisted M14 With Driver Injuries And Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Car Was Loaded Onto Flat-Deck And Removed.
03905-05CO Alarm11:0713:5247 Nepoth Rd -Grant543, 546, POV190, CITZAssisted Station 190 In The Investigation Of Co Poisening At A Residents In Grant Twp.
04005-05Structure Fire15:4016:38507 Hillside Dr Cherryhill542, 543, 547150, 240, C50, HazMatAssisted Station 150 In A Strucure Fire At Hillside Drive. Upon Arrival, A Small Fire Was Found In A Garbage Can. We Assisted In Ventilation And Clean Up After Garbage Can Was Removed From Residents
04105-08Vehicle Accident Injuries12:4614:15Route 580 Hwy / Wilson Ln-Green542, 546, STN, POVCITZ, IPSP, VET2 Vehicle Collision With Injuries. Provided Traffic Control Until Released By Psp
04205-13Brush Fire14:2015:35 Fir Rd / Buck Run Rd-Green546, STN, POV, 547 Small Brush Fire Approx 50X50. Upon Arrival The Fire Was Quickly Extinguished
04305-16Vehicle Accident Injuries18:1119:0418 Lovejoy RdGreen542, 546, STN, POV, 547CITZOne Vehicle Into A Ditch Off Of Rt 240 And Lovejoy. Once On Scene, Rescue 542 Assisted Ems With One Noncontinuous Male Patient While 546 Set Up Traffic Control.
04405-16Landing Zone18:2418:5318 Lovejoy RdGreen542, 546, STN, POV, 547 Performed Landing Zone Operations For A Mvc On Lovejoy Rd/Rt 240 Hwy. Later On In The Call, The Landing Zone Was No Longer Needed
04505-23Vehicle Accident Injuries17:5320:12Kriner Bottom Rd / Hemlock Ln-Grant541, 546, POV, 547190, CITZ2 Patients Injured In An Atv Accident. Once On Scene, Helped Ems With Stabilization And Transportation With Rescue 541 Out Of Wooded Area To Ambulance. Later Assisted Station 190 With Landing Zone Operations.
04605-30Landing Zone17:3618:48 269 Snyder Rd Montgomery543, STN, POVCITZLanding Zone At Montgomery Ball Field Assisting Citizens With An Atv Accident
04706-14Structure Fire07:1310:54 128 Purchase Line Rd Green542, 543, POV, 547150, 190, 240, 520, C50, CITZ, RIGDispatched For A Structure Fire, Reported Flames Through The Roof. First Arriving Officer Arrived, And Confirmed Well Involved Fire. 543 Crew Arrived A Minute Later And Attacked The Fire With Multiple 1.75 Lines. Crews Were Able To Quickly Knockdown A Lot Of The Fire, And Move Interior. 547 Arrived Just Behind 543 And Supplied 543 With Water. 190 Engine Approached From The Other End, And Also Pulled Lines For Fire Attack. Other Crews And Departments Assisted With Manpower And Water Supply.
04806-16Structure Fire23:3803:51 736 Elm RdGreen542, 543, POV, 547520, 570, C50, C59Once On Scene, Engine 543 Made Contact With Home Owners And Confirmed It Was A Controlled Burn.
04906-17Car Fire16:4718:46Laurel Rd / Glory Station Rd-Green542, 543, STN, POV, 547IPSPOne Vehicle On Fire, Upon Arrival Fire Was Already Self Extinguished. Tanker 547 Stayed On Scene.
05006-17Car Fire17:1118:24Diamondville Rd / Wandin RdGreen542, 543, STN, POV, 547150, IPSPOne Vehicle On Fire. Rescue 542 Arrived First On Scene And Quickly Pulled A Water Line. Acouple Minutes Later Engine 543 Arrived Providing Manpower And A Water Supply For 542. Station 150 Assisted With Additional Manpower And Helped With Clean Up
05106-22Standby09:0311:52550 Sherman StClymer Boro542, POV One Engine Standby Into 150 While They Operated At A Fire In Indiana.
05206-23Vehicle Accident No Injuries14:1215:10425 Franklin StClymer Boro542, 543, POV150, CITZ, IPSPDispatched To Assist With A Vehicle Into A Structure. Provided Traffic Control And Structural Evaluation.
05306-26Wires Down08:5510:13Lighthouse Rd / Starford Rd-Green546, POV Upon Coming On The Scene, Low Hanging Wires Were Found. Stayed For Traffic Control Until Penelec Responded And Repaired Wires.
05406-27Wires Down16:5318:09324 Buck Run RdGreenSTN, POV150Wires Down, Shut Roadway Down Once On Scene. Assisted By Station 150 With Traffic Control Until Penelec Arrived On Scene
05506-28Standby10:5312:06410 Musser StreetGreenSTN Stanby In Our Station By Request Of Glen Campbell Station 170
05606-29Vehicle Accident Injuries14:5216:32Tipperary Rd / Elm Rd-Green542, 543, POVCITZ, IPSP, VETT-Bone Type Collision With Reported Injuries And Entrapment. Upon Crew Arrival Pt Was Self Extricated And There Was Negative Entrapment. One Patient Had Minor Injuries And Was Transported By Ems. The Passenger Was Also Transported By Ems For Evaluation. Other Vehicle Occupant Had Negative Injuries.
05706-29Vehicle Accident Entrapment19:2220:3918843 Route 286 Hwy EMontgomery542, STN, POV, 548CITZ, IPSP1 Vehicle In A Pole, Pole Was Sheared. Provided Traffic Control Until Towing Company Removed The Vehicle.
05807-04Vehicle Accident Injuries08:2109:512267 Route 580 HwyGreen542, STN, POV, 548CITZ, IPSP1 Person Vehicle Accident With Injury. Vehicle Left Roadway And Struck A Tree. Crews Assisted With Patient Packaging And Rescue 542 Secured A Landing Zone. Squad 548 Stayed On Scene For Traffic Control Until The Tow Company Arrived
05907-04Landing Zone08:4709:38Route 580 Hwy / Wandin Rd-Green542, STN, POV, 548CITZLanding Zone Established For A Vehicle Accident That Was Also Handled By 540 Crews
06007-06Wires Down09:3209:46Route 286 & Sebring RdMontgomerySTN, POV Utility Line Across The Roadway. Utility Company Was Already Putting The Wire Up When We Arrived. Units Cleared The Scene Shortly After.
06107-11Vehicle Accident No Injuries23:2503:11Route 240 Hwy / Mulberry Rd-Green542, POV, 548IPSP, VETOne Vehicle Drove Off The Rodeway. No Injuries. Crews Performed Patient Care And Traffic Control Until Tow Truck Arrived.
06207-18Landing Zone21:1222:1916559 Route 286 Hwy E -Green542, 543, STN, POV, 548CITZAssisting Citizens Ambulance For A Landing Zone At Purchase Line Hs
06307-23Wires Down08:2509:01402 Hawthorne RdGreenSTN, 548 Tree Down On Lines In The Woods Between 2 Properties. Confirmed No Hazards That Needed Fire Department Attention, And That Power Company Was Notified And Cleared The Scene.
06407-24Structure Fire21:5823:26Clarion Rd @ Cherry StCherry Tree Boro542, 543, POV, 547520, C50, C55, CITZ, CL29, CL45Assisted 520 With A Residential Structure Fire
06507-26Vehicle Accident Injuries16:4422:33Musser St / Lighthouse RdGreen542, 543, 546, STN, POV, 548150, CITZ, IPSP2 Vehicle T-Bone Type Collision With Injuries.
06607-26Landing Zone17:0418:20Musser St / Lighthouse RdGreen542, 543, 546, STN, POV, 548CITZLanding Zone At Commodore Ballfield In Result Of Vehicle Crash
06707-31Vehicle Accident Injuries20:1723:343103 Route 240 HwyGreen542, STN, POV, 547, 548CITZ, IPSP1 Motercycle With Collison Into A Deer
06807-31Landing Zone20:2923:23Route 240 Hwy / Valley Rd-Green542, STN, POV, 547, 548CITZ, IPSPLanding Zone In Result Of Mvc On Rt 240
06908-02Tree Down19:5620:11Sebring Rd And Rt 286Montgomery546, STN, POV, 548 Broken Branch Hanging From Tree. Povs Arrived On Scene And Removed Branch From Tree And Off Of Roadway.
07008-02Wires Down20:3221:22 138 Hog Hollow Ln Green546, STN, POV, 548 Phone Wires Down, Cleared Tree And Opened Roadway
07108-06Fire Alarm Activation18:2518:511508 Cookport RdGreen543, STN, POV Dispatched For A Residential Fire Alarm. 540 Captain Arrived On Scene And Found Burnt Food. All Units Cancelled.
07208-07Vehicle Accident Injuries09:2109:2518367 Route 286 Hwy EMontgomerySTN Cancelled By Alarm Company/911
07308-08Brush Fire17:4822:001331 Laurel Rd GreenSTN, POV, 547, 548 Brush Fire Of Approx .5 Acres Caused By Power Line Cross-Member Complications
07408-10Brush Fire12:1813:151230 Laurel RdGreen541, 546, POV, 547 Small Brush Fire Started As A Result Of A Power Line Fault. Crews Arrived On Scene And Extinguished The Fire.
07508-22Structure Fire21:1902:081090 Wilgus Rd -Green542, 543, STN, POV, 547150, 170, 520, C50, CITZ, CL64Station 540 Dispatched To A Structure Fire At 09:19Pm Along With Station 520,170,C50,Cl64. Engine 543 Went In Route, Once On Scene Confirmed Fully Involved Structire Fire. Crews Pulled 3 Handlines Along With A Line With A Blitzfire Attachment. Crews Quickly Went To Work On The Structure As Station 520 Set Up A Dump Tank For Assisting Companies To Drop Off Their Water Supply. Rescue 542 Set Up At Arista Care As A Fill Site For Tankers. Station 150 Assisted At The Scene Along With Stanby Duties For Station 540 Until All Trucks Were Back In Service. The Cause Of The Fire Is Unknown At This Time.
07608-23Structure Fire13:4815:311090 Wilgus RdGreen543, POV, 547, 548 Rekindle From Previous Structure Fire. Non-Emergency, Went On Scene To Clean Up Some Hot Spots
07708-29Physical Rescue14:4015:45Mulberry Rd / Route 240 HwyGreen546, POV, 547, 548CITZPhysical Rescue For Female Patient In The Woods With Cut To The Forearm
07808-31Structure Fire17:3519:23 7079 Route 240 HwyGreen542, 543, STN, POV, 547, 548150, 520, C50, CITZ, PSPFMStructure Fire On Rt 240. 540 Commodore Assisted By 520 Cherry Tree And C50 Hope. Fire On Rear Side Of The House, Crews Put On A Quick Knockdown. Cause Of Fire Is Being Investigated.
07908-31Structure Fire23:3400:43 7080 Route 240 HwyGreen543, STN, POV, 547 Mattress Was Smoldering From An Earlier Structure Fire.
08009-04Vehicle Accident Injuries17:0419:042756 Pioneer Lake RdGreen542, POVCITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Off The Roadway Into A Pole. Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Truck Cleared The Scene.
08109-10Ambulance Assist14:1714:553921 Pioneer Lake RdMontgomery546, POV520, CITZ, IPSPDispatched To Assist 520 Getting A Patient Out Of The Woods Following A Medical Issue.
08209-12Structure Fire21:0322:221425 Dixon RdClymer Boro542, 543, STN, POV, 547, 548150, 240, C50, RIGSmall Fire Under Porch Of Residence. Once On Scene Companies Extinguished And Made Sure It Didnt Spread Elsewhere
08309-29Structure Fire18:5819:24249 Jefferson StClymer Boro543, STN, POV, 547150, 240, CITZDispatched For A Structure Fire Smoke From An Outlet. 150 Oic Arrived And Cut Power And Had All Units But 150 Respond Reduced, Then Diverted Us To Their Station While They Investigated For Extension.
08409-29Vehicle Accident Injuries22:3023:2712428 Route 286 Hwy EGreen542, 546, STN, POVCITZOne Vehicle Off The Roadway Into A Tree
08509-29Wires Down23:2900:312600 Smith St.Green546, STN Phone Line Down On The Roadway. Crews Supplied Information To 911, And Tied The Wire Off The Road And Cleared The Scene.
08610-09Structure Fire08:1908:27625 Franklin StClymer BoroSTN150, 520Smoke Reported From Luigis, 150 Chief Reported False Alarm
08710-09Vehicle Accident No Injuries08:4109:4411394 Route 286 Hwy EGreen542, 548CITZOne Vehicle One Person Accident. Vehicle Over Embankment No Injuries
08810-12Vehicle Accident Entrapment15:2620:44 11394 Route 286 Hwy EGreen542, 543, POV, 548150, C50, CITZ, IPSP, PennDot3 Vehicle Collision. Car 1 Crossed Over Center Line Hitting Into Car 2 Which Was Then Hit By Car 3. Car 1 And 2 Had Heavy Entrapment Which Was Extricated By Station 540 And Station 150. Car 3 Had Negative Entrapment. C50 Held In Station For Standby Until Released
08910-16Vehicle Accident No Injuries01:2602:513456 Cookport RdGreen542, POV, 548IPSPOne Vehicle Into A Tree. Patient Flew From The Scene. Stayed On Scene Til Psp And Tow Company Arrived
09010-19Car Fire14:4716:15 Hemlock Rd / Dogwood Rd-Green543, POV, 547 Dispatched For Working Vehicle Fire. Involved Vehicle Fire Upon Arrival. Crews Worked To Extinguish The Fire Without Incident.
09110-23Brush Fire13:0416:322320 Alder RdGreen541, POV, 547, 548150Dispatched To A 4 Acre Brush Fire. Fire Fighters Proceeded To Extinguish The Fire And Requested Station 150 To Assist With Manpower, Equipment, And A Tanker. Fire Was Eventually Extinguished Without Further Incident.
09211-02Vehicle Accident No Injuries06:5810:23Route 286 Hwy And Bennett RdMontgomery542, 546, STN, POV170, HazMat, IPSPResponded To Assist 170 With Vehicle Accident, Tri-Axle Overturned On Its Side. Assisted With Traffic Control And Hazmat Spill Control Of Diesel Fuel.
09311-03Ambulance Assist11:3111:5464 Privateroad 5054 RdGreen546, STN, POV Dispatched To Assist Ambulance With Lifting.
09411-04Vehicle Accident No Injuries18:1319:174500 Rt 240Green546, STN, POV, 548150, 520, IPSPTruck Slipped Out Of Gear, Coasted Down The Hill And Across Rt 240. Crews Assisted With Traffic Control For Tow Truck To Recover Truck From The Ditch.
09511-07Structure Fire08:1809:436378 Rt 580 HwyGreen543, POV, 547520, C50, CITZMembers Dispatched For Structure Fire. Fire Was Small In Nature. Crews Kept Fire Limited To The Exterior Of The Structure. Extinguished Without Further Incident.
09611-07Brush Fire14:4715:48554 Chestnut RdGreen541, 546, STN, POV, 547 Dispatched For 2-3 Acre Brush Fire. Units Arrive On Scene And Attacked The Fire From Multiple Sides. Fire Was Extinguished Without Further Incident.
09711-09Brush Fire13:1317:32Jefferson StBanks541, 546, STN, POV, 547, 548150, 170, 190, 340, C58, CITZ, CL29, CL64, FOX, J1Dispatched To Assist Sta 170 With A Large Brush Fire. Members Assisted In Fire Attack, And Forward Observation Of Fire Growth. Fire Was Extinguished Without Incident.
09811-12Flue Fire07:0008:17588 Stitt RdGreen543, STN, POV, 547 Members Dispatched For Flue Fire. Found Small Fire In Flue. Members Extinguished Fire. Checked For Extension. Cleaned Flue To Prevent Future Incidents.
09911-14Landing Zone17:5818:3616559 Route 286 Hwy EGreen543, STN, POVCITZDispatched To Establish A Landing Zone For A Medical Patient. Crews Established It In The Back Parking Lot Of The High School.
10011-15Wires Down21:4522:37Pine Flats Rd / Mcgee Rd-Green546, POV, 548 Tree Down On Roadway. Once On Scene, Cleared Tree And Opened Roadway
10111-15Wires Down22:1523:01 Route 580 Hwy / Hawthorne RdGreen546, POV, 548 Tree Hanging On Wires, Once On Scene Crew Cleaned Up Debris And Cleared Roadway
10211-25Vehicle Accident No Injuries08:5911:29Wandin Road And Starford RoadGreen542, 546, POVIPSP, PennDotTrain Derailment With Bridge Collapse. Crews Provided Traffic Control And Secured The Scene Until Penndot And Rj Corman Representatives Arrived On Scene.
10312-01Wires Down17:0419:26Route 580 Hwy & Alder RdGreen546, POV, 548 Wire Down Blocking The Roadway. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Penelec Took Over.
10412-01Vehicle Accident No Injuries18:3319:34869 Hill RdGreen546, POV, 548IPSPOne Vehicle Of The Roadway Into The Ditch. No Injuries. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Tow Truck Pulled The Vehicle Out Of The Ditch.
10512-01Tree Down19:3720:06Route 580 Hwy & Zeinth RdGreen546, POV, 548 Tree Down Blocking The Roadway. Crews Removed The Tree And Cleared The Scene.
10612-01Traffic Control20:1321:23Valley Rd Near 580 HwyGreen546, STN, POV Provided Traffic Control For Vehicle Recovery For A Vehicle Off The Roadway Into A Ditch.