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 2019  Call Info

Apparatus: Assisting Agencies:
541Rescue (ATV)
542Engine / Rescue
POVPersonal Vehicle
IDNameCounty / Township / City
CITZCitizens AmbulanceIndiana County
150ClymerIndiana County
520Cherry TreeIndiana County
IPSPState PoliceIndiana Barracks
170Glen CampbellIndiana County
190Marion CenterIndiana County
240Cherryhill Twp.Indiana County
570Pine Twp.Indiana County
RIGRIG TeamIndiana County
CL64BurnsideClearfield County
C50HopeCambria County
340RossiterIndiana County
100IndianaIndiana County
PSPFMState Police Fire MarshallIndiana Barracks
C59NicktownIndiana County
PennDotPennDotIndiana County
CL29MahaffeyClearfield County
J17Big RunJefferson County
CL45WestoverClearfield County
350PlumvilleIndiana County
VETVeterans AmbulanceCambria County
260CreeksideIndiana County
J20CentralJefferson County
C58SpanglerCambria County
PPSPState PolicePunxsutawney Barracks
J40LindsayJefferson County
GreenSupSupervisorsGreen Township
C55HastingsCambria County
C62PattonCambria County
160Coral - GracetonIndiana County
MontSupSupervisorsMontgomery Township
SHFSherriffIndiana County
HazMatHazMat TeamIndiana County
GrantSupSupervisorsGrant Township
120BlairsvilleIndiana County
211Westmoreland All TerrainWestmoreland County
600Evergreen Search & RescueIndiana County
FOXBureau of ForestyDistrict 6
K9K9 DogIndiana County

#DateTypeDispatchedClearedLocationMunicipalityApparatusAssisting AgenciesComments
00101-04Vehicle Accident Injuries07:0808:38Route 580 Hwy Near SycamoreGreen542, POVIPSP, VETOne Vehicle Rolled Over Patient Still In The Vehicle. Crews Assisted Ems Getting Patient Out Of The Car And Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Truck Cleared The Scene.
00201-07Traffic Control11:0211:39Griesmore Rd & Tipperary RdGreen546, STN, POVPennDotRv Disabled Across The Road. Crews Assisted Getting Rv Off The Roadway And Cleared The Scene.
00301-07Traffic Control11:1411:20Route 286 Hwy E Between Smith And MusserGreen542, STN, POV Flagged Down While Responding To Previous Call Of A Disabled Vehicle Just Outside Of Commodore. Vehicle Was Not On Scene When We Arrived. Several Vehicles Were Pulled Over Near Musser St And Started Moving Shortly After Penndot Went Through.
00401-09Vehicle Accident No Injuries15:0815:39Rte 580 And Wilson LnGreen542, STN, POVIPSPOne Vehicle Into A Guardrail Over An Embankment Negative Injuries. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Psp Arrived On Scene
00501-11Vehicle Accident No Injuries21:1122:28Route 240 Hwy & Chestnut RdGreen542, 546, POVCITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Off The Road Way Into A Pole. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Truck Cleared The Scene.
00601-12Structure Fire10:1611:4151 Goss Hollow LnGreen543, POV, 547150, 520, C50, CITZDispatched For A Trailer Fire, Reported Fully Involved. Crews Responded Pulling 2 Hand Lines, Before Being Advised By Property Owner This Was Actually A Controlled Burn. Crews Monitored The Fire For A Short Period Of Time And Cleared The Scene.
00701-16Vehicle Accident Injuries07:3610:10Route 286 Hwy EMontgomery542, 546, STN, POV170, CITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Off The Roadway Into A Pole. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Psp, Coroner And Tow Truck Cleared The Scene.
00801-16Fire Alarm Activation12:3512:4517254 Route 286 Hwy EGreen543, POV 540 Oic Arrived To Find A False Alarm As A Result Of A Power Outage And Cancelled All Units.
00901-17Standby09:3510:56410 Musser StGreenSTN In Station Standby For 150 And 240 As They Operated On A House Fire With 100.
01001-19Vehicle Accident Injuries08:3909:431869 Valley RdGreen542, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Off The Roadway Into A Tree. Crews Assisted Ems And Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Truck Cleared The Scene.
01101-23Structure Fire21:3622:07399 Hillman RdBanks542, 543, POV, 547170, 340, J17Garage Fire. Cancelled Just As 543 Was Arriving On Scene.
01201-30Vehicle Accident Injuries10:3312:46214 Aspen RdGreen542, STNVETCancelled By Psp Before Arriving On Scene
01301-30Standby14:3215:24410 Musser StreetGreenSTN520Standby In Station For 520
01401-30Tanker Assist15:2216:181118 Towns RdClearfield CountySTN, 547170, 520, C50, CL29, CL45, CL64, J17Tanker Assist For A Building Fire In New Washington. Frozen Pumps Made Operations Difficult.
01502-02Vehicle Accident No Injuries04:0504:282863 Wilgus RdMontgomerySTN170, IPSPDispatched For 1 Vehicle In The Roadway, No One Around After 170 Didnt Respond Fast Enough. 170 Acknowledged Just Before We Did And Had Us Hold In Station.
01602-02Vehicle Accident No Injuries10:1812:042330 Purchase Line RdGreen542, 546, POVIPSP, PennDotOne Vehicle Off The Roadway Into A House. Car Was In Past The Front Wheels. Crews Secured Utilities That Could Be Reached Until Car Was Removed Then Assisted In Getting Hole Covered Until Owner Could Cover More Securely. Vehicle Hit In Area Of Several Windows, Which Greatly Limited Any Serious Structural Damage.
01702-03Vehicle Accident No Injuries09:3109:52Route 286 Hwy E & Hemlock RdGreen546, STN, POVIPSPOne Vehicle Into A Pole, With The Pole Sheared. Crews Relayed Pole Information To 911 And Were Soon Released From The Scene By Psp. Pole Was Sheared, But Was Not Down And Was Not Creating A Hazard.
01802-08Fire Alarm Activation07:3507:4517254 Route 286 Hwy EGreenSTN, POV False Alarm Due To Power Outage.
01902-17Car Fire19:2820:02165 Allison RoadGreen543, STN, POV, 547 Small Fire In The Cab Of The Vehicle
02002-21Vehicle Accident No Injuries10:2011:28Mulberry Rd Near Redwood RdGreen542, POVIPSPOne Vehicle Into Tree And Embankment. No One Around The Vehicle.
02102-21Wires Down15:2215:522020 Raspberry RdGreen546 Phone Wire Down On Roadway. Crews Removed Wire And Cleared The Scene.
02202-22Vehicle Accident No Injuries01:2802:21Sumac RdGreen542, STN, POVIPSPOne Vehicle Into The Field, No One Around The Vehicle. Crews Provided Lighting Until Cleared By Psp.
02302-24Vehicle Accident Entrapment00:5302:2412018 Route 286 Hwy EGreen542, 546, STN, POV150, CITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Over The Embankment Into A Tree. One Person Trapped. Crews Removed Driver Door And Were Able To Move Seat To Free The Patient.
02402-24Fire Alarm Activation19:0319:1417254 Route 286 Hwy EGreen543, STN, POV Fire Alarm Activation Caused By Power Outage. 540 Chief Cancelled All Responding Units.
02502-26Tanker Assist05:3208:166584 Five Points RdWashingtonSTN, 547100, 150, 190, 260, CITZ, PSPFMDispatched To Assist 260 With A Working Fire In A Church. 547 Responded And Assisted With Water Supply Operations.
02602-27Wires Down12:0312:233907 Purchase Line RdGreen546, STN, POV Wire Down On The Road Way. Crews Were Able To Get The Wire Off The Road And Clear The Scene.
02703-01Structure Fire10:0811:533667 Cherry Tree RdMontgomery543, POV, 547170, 520, CITZFully Involved Trailer Fire Crews Assisted With Water Supply And Extinguishment.
02803-03Vehicle Accident Injuries16:0416:36Route 403 Hwy N & Barr Slope RdGreenSTN, POVCITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Into A Pole, Pole Damaged. 540 Oic Was In The Area And Quickly Cancelled Responding Fire Units. Vehicle Was Off The Roadway.
02903-13Standby08:3109:41410 Musser StreetGreenSTN In Station Standby For Cherry Tree Station 520 (As They Were In Clearfield County For A Structure Fire).
03003-14Brush Fire15:5516:371842 Raspberry RdGreen541, 546, STN, POV, 547 Residents Was Burning Garbage In A Fire Pit. With High Winds, Fire Got Out Of Control. Burnt Approximately 1 Acre.
03103-18Fire Alarm Activation15:3315:3816957 Route 286 Hwy EGreenSTN School Reported Someone Walked By An Alarm And Bumped It.
03203-26Ambulance Assist14:1114:343740 Starford Rd.Green546, POV Dispatched To Assist Ems With Lifting.
03303-30Brush Fire14:4415:3017254 Route 286 Hwy EGreen541, 546, STN, POV, 547 Small Fire Burning At Edge Of Field, Mostly Smoldering. Crews Extinguished Hot Spots.
03404-01Landing Zone05:4507:45550 Sherman St.Clymer Boro543, STN, POV150Dispatched To Establish A Landing Zone For An Accident Victim. Landing Zone Established At Station 150. Following Landing Zone Remained On Standby For 150.
03504-02Tanker Assist22:3322:42Moss Creek Rd / Farrell RdBarrSTN, 547C50, C58, C59Dispatched To Assist With A Tanker For A Structure Fire. Officer Onscene Advised Fire Was Controlled Burn Slightly Out Of Control, And Cancelled Most Units.
03604-05Standby11:2413:50550 Sherman StClymer Boro543, POV Dispatched To Standby In Station 150 While They Operated At A Fire In Rayne Township. Crews Were Also On Standby For 190.
03704-09Brush Fire15:5117:20875 Hillsdale RdMontgomery546, POV, 547150, 170, 520A Few Hale Bales On Fire. Crews Extinguished And Tore Apart Bales.
03804-13Car Fire23:3500:251167 Stitt RdGreen542, 543, STN, POV, 547570, IPSPVehicle Fire Endangering A Trailer. 2Nd Call While Responding Advised Fully Involved. 570 Requested At That Time Until We Could Get Size Up. Fire Damaged Engine Compartment And Front Row Of Seats. No Danger To Trailer After Knockdown, 570 Was Cancelled At That Time.
03904-14Gas Leak01:0301:40164 Purchase Line RdGreen543, STN, POV Smell Of Gas In Residence. Nothing Found In The Residence, All Units Cleared The Scene At That Time.
04004-24Car Fire21:3021:56163 Willow RdGreen543, STN, 547 Vehicle Fire Possibly Out. Crews Confirmed Fire Was Out And Cleared The Scene.
04104-26Tree Down13:3513:50Route 286 Hwy EGreen546, STN Tree Down On The Road Way, Reportedly Blocking Both Lanes. Someone Already Removed Most Of The Tree. Crews Cleaned Up The Remaining Debris And Cleared The Scene.
04204-26Tree Down13:5614:14Purchase Line RdGreen546 Tree Down Blocking The Roadway. Crews Removed The Tree And Opened The Roadway.
04304-29Wires Down15:1117:353968 Purchase Line RdGreen546, POV150Wire Down Across The Roadway. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Penelec Cleared The Scene.
04404-30Car Fire06:5908:53Apple Rd Near Wandin RdGreen543, POV, 547IPSPWell Involved Vehicle Fire. Crews Extinguished Fire, And Assisted Psp.
04504-30Ambulance Assist10:3111:38Rairigh Rd And Montgomery Church RdGrant541, 546, POVCITZ, VETDispatched To Assist Ems Access A Medical Patient In The Woods Hunting. Crews Located Patient And Drove Him Out With 541.
04605-12Wires Down05:5007:073559 Starford RdGreenSTN, POV Tree Down On Lines, Lines Down On The Roadway. Crews Controlled 1 Lane Of Traffic Until Penelec Arrived On Scene. Crews Responded In Pov Due To Power Outage, And Nature Of Call.
04705-22Standby20:5622:33410 Musser StGreenSTN Standby In Station For 520.
04805-23Fire Alarm Activation13:2713:3516957 Route 286 Hwy EGreenSTN Keyholder Advised False Alarm, All Units Cancelled At That Time.
04905-24Standby02:4206:19410 Musser StGreenSTN Standby In Station For 520.
05005-26Transformer Fire19:1819:59Churchill Rd & Route 286Montgomery546, STN, POV Transformer Exploded In This Area. Crews Applied Oil Dry To The Fluid On The Roadway And Cleared The Scene.
05105-27Standby05:1907:00410 Musser StGreenSTN Standby In Station For Station 150.
05205-27Fire Alarm Activation13:1414:14383 Mountain View Dr.Montgomery543, 546, STN, POV Kitchen Zone Fire Alarm. Crews Investigated, Nothing Found.
05305-29Car Fire18:3019:56Griesmore Rd & Tipperary RdGreen543, STN, POV, 547IPSPOne Vehicle On The Roadway, Well Involved Upon Arrival. 543 Crew Extinguished The Fire And 547 Supplied Water To 543.
05405-31Vehicle Accident Injuries10:2411:53Route 403 And Barr Slope Rd IntersectionGreen542, 546CITZ, IPSPLoaded Cement Truck Collided With Car In T-Bone Type Collision. Crews Arrived On Scene To Find Both Vehicles In The Middle Of The Roadway, All Occupants Out Of The Vehicles. Crews Provided Traffic Control For The Intersection And Construction Zones. Crews Cleaned Up Some Hydraulic Fluid From The Cement Truck Before Clearing The Scene After All Vehicles Have Been Cleared From The Roadway.
05505-31Wires Down19:1322:26Leroy RdGreen546, POV Tree Down On Lines. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Penelec Arrived.
05606-02Tree Down19:2920:28Purchase Line Rd Near Vanderbilt StGreen546, STN, POV Tree Down, Hanging On Verizon Lines. Crews Removed Limbs From Tree To Open Roadway And Cleared The Scene.
05706-04Vehicle Accident No Injuries06:1609:09Zenith Rd.Green542, 546, POVCITZ, IPSP, VETOne Vehicle Into A Pole, Wires Down, Person In The Vehicle. Driver Self Extricated Prior To Our Arrival. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Vehicle Was Removed From The Scene.
05806-10Vehicle Accident Injuries19:0520:38Poplar Rd / Almond RdGreen542, 546, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Rolled Over. Crews Assisted With Traffic Control Until Cleared By Psp.
05906-12Vehicle Accident Injuries19:3220:5216559 Route 286 Hwy E -Green542, 546, POVCITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Into A Tree
06006-14Vehicle Accident No Injuries06:4908:072390 Cookport RdGreen542, STN, POVIPSPOne Vehicle Into An Embankment And Rolled Over. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Cleared By Tow Truck And Psp.
06106-16Tree Down20:2222:001100 Vanderbilt StGreen546, STN, POV Multiple Trees Down On The Roadway Following A Brief Severe Weather Event. Crews Removed The Trees From The Roadway. Trees Were Also Down On Utility Lines In The Area, And Were Still Live. Crews Protected The Area Until Rea Arrived. Rj Corman Also Notified Of Trees Down On Their Tracks In The Area.
06206-18Wires Down11:2013:505455 Route 580 HwyGreen546, STN, POV520, IPSPPole And Wires Down As A Result Of Being Pulled Down By A Truck. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Rea Fixed Their Pole And The Scene Was Turned Over To Verizon.
06306-18Wires Down14:4716:33Route 286 Hwy E And Diamondville RdCherryhill546, POV150, PennDotDispatched To Close 286 At The Intersection Of Diamondville Rd. Due To A Large Tree Down On Utility Lines Between That Intersection And 403.
06406-27Wires Down18:1519:4589 Yew RdGreen546, POV Tree On Wires Burning. Wire Burnt Through While Units Were Onscene. Crews Secured Area Until Utility Company Arrived.
06507-06Debris Fire13:3814:20162 Wandin RdGreen543, STN, 547 Dumpster Fire, Mostly Extinguished By Owner. Crews Pulled A Line And Made Sure Fire Was Out, And Cleared The Scene.
06607-10Structure Fire11:1311:561788 Mumau RdGrant543, POV, 547150, 190, CITZCrews Arrived To Find A Dryer Fire. Crews Removed The Dryer And Ventilated The Structure.
06707-14Brush Fire17:4818:35Smith St Near MagnoliaGreen546, POV, 547 Small Section Of Field And Hay Bales On Fire. Crews Extinguished Fire And Cleared The Scene.
06807-20Ambulance Assist09:2110:001599 Hartman RdGrant542, 546, POVCITZDispatched To Assist Medic Unit With 4 Wheel Drive And Getting Patient Out Of The Residence.
06907-20Ambulance Assist16:0316:30630 Musser StGreen546, STN, POVCITZDispatched To Assist Medic Unit With Lifting And Getting Patient Out Of Residence.
07007-28Vehicle Accident No Injuries12:1913:1717659 Route 403 Hwy NGreen542, 546, POVIPSPMinor Vehicle Accident, Vehicle Into Gas Pump. Crews Confirmed No Fuel Was Leaking And Assisted At The Scene Until Psp And Tow Truck Cleared The Scene.
07107-28Landing Zone19:0119:4573 Farmall DrGreen543, POVCITZEstablished A Landing Zone For Lifeflight 3 Near This Address For A Medical Patient, And Assisted Loading Patient In Helicopter.
07208-02Wires Down10:3213:59Purchase Line Rd Near Vanderbilt StGreen546, POV150Tree Down Hanging Over The Roadway, Just Onto Wires, Hanging In Other Tress. Crews Closed The Road And Contacted Verizon. 150 Was Dispatched For 159 To Attempt To Remove The Tree Before Verizon Arrived. After Looking Closer At The Situation With 159 It Was Determined We Couldnt Do Anything Safely Enough. Crews Maintained Road Closure Until Verizon Arrived And Removed The Tree.
07308-03Unknown Type Fire20:2020:3323349 Route 286 Hwy EMontgomerySTN, POV170Dispatched For A Black Smoke Investigation In The Arcadia Area Assisting 170. Crews Found No Black Smoke In The Area, But Did Find A Controlled Burn.
07408-05Vehicle Accident No Injuries00:4803:53Route 286 Hwy E Near Rowley Cemetery RdMontgomery542, STN, POVCITZ, IPSP, PennDotDispatched For A Vehicle Accident, Vehicle Into A Pole. Crews Arrived To Find No Injuries And No One Around The Vehicle. Crews Located The Suspected Driver And Provided Traffic Control Until Penelec And Penndot Arrived.
07508-06Landing Zone16:2817:54556 Hazlet RdGreen542, 543, STN, POVCITZDispatched To Assist Medic Unit With Extricating A Fall Patient From A Building And Establishing A Landing Zone.
07608-06Unknown Type Fire18:3419:126267 Route 580 HwyGreen546, STN, POV Dispatched For A Electric Meter On Fire, On A Utility Pole, Not The Residence. Crews Arrived And Found That A Fire Was Extinguished By The Resident. We Provided The Pole Number To County To Contact Rea And Cleared The Scene.
07708-12Vehicle Accident No Injuries00:0701:59Route 580 Hwy & Griesmore RdGreen542, POV One Vehicle Overturned Negative Injuries. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Truck Were Finished.
07808-28Landing Zone14:5915:5917980 Route 286 Hwy EMontgomery543, POVCITZDispatched To Establish A Landing Zone For A Medical Fall Patient. While Enroute Medic Unit Also Requested Assistance At The Scene. 543 Arrived Onscene And Dropped Personnel To Assist And Then Proceeded To The Landing Zone.
07909-02Structure Fire14:5315:017138 Route 240 HwyGreenSTN, POV520, C50, CITZDispatched For A Gas Grill On Fire About 10 Feet From A Residence. 540 Chief Was In The Area And Arrived To Find The Fire Out, With No Extension To The Structure And Cancelled All Units.
08009-09Structure Fire21:0000:071234 Country RdCherryhill542, 543, STN, 547150, 240, 570, CITZDispatched To Assist With A Working Structure Fire. 240 Crews Made A Quick Knockdown And Were Also Able To Hit A Hydrant. Crews Assisted With Overhaul And Cascade System.
08109-12Car Fire02:4003:27152 Allison RdGreen543, POV, 547 One Vehicle Off The Roadway, Fully Involved, Not Being Driven. Crews Extinguished The Fire And Cleared The Scene.
08209-13Car Fire15:4316:458668 Route 580 HwyGreen543, STN, POV, 547 Vehicle Fire On The Roadway. Initial Address Was Off By 6 Miles. 547 Arrived First For A Public Service Detail It Was On And Lobbed Water Onto The Car From 50+ Feet Until 543 Arrived With Scbas.
08309-14Car Fire20:3422:002061 Rairigh RdGrant542, 546, STN Junk Vehicle In The Woods On Fire. Crews Arrived In 542 From A Public Service Detail And Limited Fire Spread With Extinguishers Until 546 Arrived To Access The Vehicle.
08409-15Standby14:2916:33410 Musser StGreenSTN Dispatched To Standby For 150 And 190 While The Operated On A Structure Fire With 100 In White Twp.
08509-21Tanker Assist19:2119:28Shawna Rd & Peg Run RdSusquehannaSTN, 547520, C50, C55Dispatched To Assist With A Structure Fire In Cambria County. First Arriving 50 Units Found It In The Foundation Already And Cancelled 540 Units.
08609-23Gas Leak09:2810:102225 Cookport RdGreen543, POV Dispatched For A Leak Near A Gas Well. Crews Secured The Area Until A Well Tender Arrived On Scene.
08709-23Vehicle Accident No Injuries13:2815:00Route 286 Hwy E Near Smth StGreen542, POVCITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Into The Guardrails, Negative Injuries Or Entrapment. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Tow Truck And Psp Cleared.
08809-23Vehicle Accident Entrapment16:0917:37Allison Rd Near Purchase Line RoadGreen542, 546, POVCITZ, IPSPOne Pickup Truck Overturned With Entrapment. Crews Arrived And Extricated The Patient By Removing The Drivers Door And The Rear Half Door. Crews Then Assisted Ems With Patient Packaging And Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Truck Cleared.
08910-07Vehicle Accident Injuries01:2603:36Vanderbilt St.Green542, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPAn Atv Into Tree With Injuries. Crews Provided Traffic Control And Assisted With Lighting Until Psp Completed Their Investigation.