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2016  Call Info

Apparatus: Assisting Agencies:
541Rescue (ATV)
542Engine / Rescue
POVPersonal Vehicle
IDNameCounty / Township / City
CITZCitizens AmbulanceIndiana County
150ClymerIndiana County
520Cherry TreeIndiana County
IPSPState PoliceIndiana Barracks
170Glen CampbellIndiana County
190Marion CenterIndiana County
240Cherryhill Twp.Indiana County
570Pine Twp.Indiana County
CL64BurnsideClearfield County
RIGRIG TeamIndiana County
C50HopeCambria County
340RossiterIndiana County
100IndianaIndiana County
CL29MahaffeyClearfield County
C59NicktownIndiana County
J17Big RunJefferson County
PSPFMState Police Fire MarshallIndiana Barracks
CL45WestoverClearfield County
PennDotPennDotIndiana County
350PlumvilleIndiana County
260CreeksideIndiana County
J20CentralJefferson County
PPSPState PolicePunxsutawney Barracks
C58SpanglerCambria County
VETVeterans AmbulanceCambria County
J40LindsayJefferson County
GreenSupSupervisorsGreen Township
160Coral - GracetonIndiana County
C55HastingsCambria County
C62PattonCambria County
600Evergreen Search & RescueIndiana County
120BlairsvilleIndiana County
211Westmoreland All TerrainWestmoreland County
HazMatHazMat TeamIndiana County
MontSupSupervisorsMontgomery Township
SHFSherriffIndiana County
K9K9 DogIndiana County
FOXBureau of ForestyDistrict 6
GrantSupSupervisorsGrant Township

#DateTypeDispatchedClearedLocationMunicipalityApparatusAssisting AgenciesComments
00101-03Fire Alarm Activation02:3003:01325 Montgomery Church RdGrant542, STN, POV, 547190Dispatched For An Automatic Fire Alarm. 540 Chief Arrived Onscene With Nothing Showing, And Did A Walk Around Finding Nothing. At That That Time He Cancelled 190 And Had 542 And 547 Return.
00201-03Structure Fire04:5908:312020 Raspberry Rd Green542, 546, POV, 547150, 190, 520, CITZ, RIGWorking Structure Fire In Rear Of Building, Had Interior Crew In Fist Floor And Basement With Heavy Smoke With 150 190 520 Salvation Army , Red Cross Team 900
00301-03Structure Fire12:1714:521024 Rayne Church Rd Green542, 546, STN, POV, 547100, 150, 190, 240, 260, CITZAssit 150 Man Power And Water
00401-07Vehicle Accident13:2914:38Route 286 And Allison RdGreen542, STN, POV150, CITZ, IPSPTwo Vehicles Possible Entrapment Two Injuries
00501-07Vehicle Accident18:5619:35Route 286 And Larch RoadGreen542, STN, POV One Vehicle Up The Embankment. Vehicle Was Drivable, Crews Provided Traffic Control And Cleared The Scene.
00601-08Brush Fire20:0020:41670 Rod And Gun Club RdMontgomery546, STN, POV, 547170, CITZ Brush Fire Beside Pile Of Logs At The Edge Of The Road
00701-09Vehicle Accident21:4723:06Grisemore RdGreen542, 546, STN, POV570, CITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Off Road Way With Minor Injuries.
00801-12Vehicle Accident14:4915:484339 Rte 240 Hwy.Green542, STN, POVIPSPVehicle Lost Control On Roadway And Put Car Into Calvert/Ditch On Its Side. No Injuries/No Entrapment. Traffic Control Only.
00901-12Structure Fire23:5501:19230 Nibert RdRayne542, 546, STN, 547100, 150, CITZDispatched To Assist 150 With A Structure Fire With Smoke Showing. 542S Crew Assisted With Interior Ops And 547 Setup To Supply Water. Crew From First Engine In Got A Good Knockdown And 547S Water Was Not Needed.
01001-13Vehicle Accident08:3511:3916736 Route 286 Hwy EGreen542150, CITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Into A Pole With With Wires Down And Entrapment. Crews Extricated The Patient From The Vehicle And Assisted Ems And Provided Traffic Control Until Verizon, Psp And Tow Company Were Clear. Patient Was Flown From The Scene, 150 Handled The Lz.
01101-13Landing Zone08:5409:5216559 Route 286 Hwy EGreen542150, CITZ150 Established A Landing Zone An Purchase Line High School For The Patient From The Vehicle Accident Near This Location (Call # 10)
01201-14Vehicle Accident01:2702:561085 Allison RdGreen542, 546, POVCITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Into A Tree, Very Minor Injuries. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Truck Cleared The Scene.
01301-16Vehicle Accident20:3721:3017107 Route 286 Hwy EGreen542, STN, POV150, CITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Off The Roadway Into A Ditch. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Truck Cleared The Scene.
01401-24Landing Zone17:0917:5178 Overman LnGreen542, 546, STN, POV Landed On Rt 240. Shut Road Down About 15 Minutes.
01502-09Wires Trees Down11:5912:4613587 Route 286 Hwy E Green546, STN, POV150, IPSPTree Down On Wires Into The Roadway Removed From Roadway Still On Wires
01602-09Vehicle Accident14:0814:17Taylorsville Road And Ferrier LaneGreenSTN, CAN, POV150, CITZNothing Was Found By Chief And Assist. 2. Cancelled All Units.
01702-11Landing Zone20:5821:4613587 Rte. 286 Hwy. EastGreen542, 546, POVCITZLanding Zone At Betty Lous.
01802-14Structure Fire19:4121:57Hagerman Road/Kirkland RoadRayneSTN, 547100, 150, 190, CITZ, PennDotOriginally Was A Flu Fire, Upgraded To Residential Structure Fire.
01902-13Structure Fire13:0715:33222 Popson Road/ Grace Church RoadCherryhill542, STN, 547100, 150, 240, 570, CITZ, RIGOrignally Came In As Flu Fire, Upgraded To Residential Structure Fire.
02002-25Vehicle Accident11:2813:09Route 286 Hwy EastGlen Campbell Boro542, STN170, CITZ, PPSPAssisted Station 170 With Vehicle Accident With Entrapment. Tri Axle Over Embankment.
02102-28Car Fire13:1213:38818 Cookport Rd Green542, 546, STN, POV, 547150, CITZCar Fire Endangering House
02203-05Structure Fire07:5908:22Gaston RdCanoe542, STN, POV, 547170, 340, J20Dispatched To Assist With A Garage And Shed Fire. Units Were Cancelled While Responding.
02303-08Brush Fire11:5012:252181 Barr Slope RdGreen541, 546, POV Approx. 16X24 Area Burnt Due To Burning Garbage.
02403-11Vehicle Accident19:0820:2816559 Route 286 Hwy EGreen542, 546, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPT-Bone Type Collision At Purchase Line High School. Minor Injuries.
02503-18Fire Alarm Activation16:2517:0317254 Route 286 Hwy. E.Green542, POV Arrived On Scene. No One Home. Did A Complete Walk Around, No Smoke, No Sign Of Fire.
02603-18Brush Fire17:1819:182649 Raspberry RoadGreen541, 546, POV, 547150, 190, CITZBurned Approx. 5-8 Acres Of Field And Woods.
02703-23Vehicle Accident13:2914:30Wandin RoadGreen542150, IPSPOne Vehicle Into A Tree.
02803-24Standby14:4916:15410 Musser StreetGreenSTN Standby For Cherry Tree For Brush Fire.
02903-24Ambulance Assist16:2316:46857 Wandin Rd.Green542, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPAssisted Medic With Lift Assist.
03003-24Unknown Type Fire19:3519:57850 Hileman RoadMontgomery542, STN, POV520Burning Garbage/Tires.
03103-24Standby19:2722:39410 Musser StreetGreenSTN Standby For Cherry Tree.
03204-01Vehicle Accident10:2110:24Route 580 Near Pine FlatsGreenSTNCITZ, IPSPDispatched For An Accident, With Limited Info Available From The Caller. Cancelled By Psp Before Going Enroute.
03304-02Fire Alarm Activation03:1503:1316520 Route 286 HwyGreenSTN, POV Dispatched For A Fire Alarm At This Address. Prior To Going Enroute County Spoke With Resident, They Couldnt See Or Smell Smoke. 540 Chief Had Units Hold In Station While He Investigated.
03404-03Vehicle Accident02:4605:0517212 Route 286 Hwy EGreen542, 546CITZVehicle Hit Telephone Pole Breaking It Off. Roads Were Slippery. Tied Lines Back Temporarily.
03504-03Vehicle Accident08:2408:41Intersection Valley Rd And Rt 240Green542, STN, POVIPSPOne Vehicle Into The Ditch. 540 Chief Advised County It Was Just Into A Ditch And Likely Drivable And Released Us From The Scene.
03604-04Structure Fire16:1617:13796 Arcadia RdMontgomery542, 546, STN, POV, 547150, 170, 520, CITZ, RIGDispatched For A House Fire. Crews Arrived Onscene To Find A Fire In The Wall Behind The Chimeny. Owners / Neighbors Had Mostly Out On Arrival. Crews Checked For Extension And Cleared The Scene.
03704-09Flue Fire07:1008:2021364 Route 286 Hwy EMontgomery542, 543, POV, 547170Crews Extingished Flue Fire Using Garden Hose. Checked House And Chimney With Thermal Imaging Camera, And Cleared The Scene.
03804-16Vehicle Accident00:2201:20Route 204Green542, 546, STN, POV5202 Vehicles Negative Entrapment Crews Provided Lighting And Traffic Control
03904-16Brush Fire12:4513:44325 Linden RoadGreen546, POV, 547 Small Brush Fire. Crews Arrived And Pulled An Inch And Three Quarter Line From Tanker 547 And Soaked Down The Area.
04004-17Brush Fire16:2023:476858 Route 711 HwySaint Clair Twp.541, 546, STN160, 190, W46Dispatched To Assist With A Large Forest Fire Near Seward Crews Responded With Fire Police Capt Truck And 541 And Assisted Fire Fighting Efforts For Several Hours On The Left Flank. Crews Assisted Attacking Fires That Jumped The Line And Establishing Back Burns On The Left Flank.
04104-18Brush Fire14:1115:122303 Spruce RdGreen546, STN, POV, 547520Small Brush Fire As A Result Of Burning Trash. While Enroute Heavy Column Of Smoke Indicated A Possible Large Fire, And 520 Was Activated. After Arriving Onscene The Oic Found It To Be A Small Fire And Had 520 Hold On Standby. Upon Investigation The Smoke Column Was A Result Of An Old Chicken Coop Burning.
04204-18Vehicle Accident16:0116:5294 Hawthorne RdGreen542, 543, POV, 547520Dispatched For A Vehicle Fire Endangering A Structure. Chief Arrived On Scene Advised Second Vehicle Was Starting To Ignite, As Well As A Shed. 543S Crew Arrived And Pulled 2 Preconnects And Attacked The Fire. Crews Were Assisted By 520S Engine. 547 Supplied Engine 543 With Water.
04304-18Fire Alarm Activation23:3300:232170 Barr Slope RdGreen543, STN, POV, 547IPSPDispatched For A Fire Alarm At The Old Polyvision Building. Alarm Has Been Going Off For A While. We Advised Psp To Investigate If It Is A Burglar Alarm, And Crews Checked For Any Signs Of Fire.
04404-19Brush Fire18:5319:11Valley RdGreen546, STN, POV, 547 Small Fire Along The Road. Nearby Residents Had The Fire Out Upon Our Arrival. Crews Mopped Up Quickly And Cleared.
04504-19Brush Fire19:4021:32795 Clark RdMontgomery543, 546, POV, 547170, 520, CITZ, CL29, CL45, CL64Dispatched For A Several Acre Brush Fire Assisting 170. Crews Worked With The Ranger And Hand Tools And Worked Around The Line.
04604-20Debris Fire09:0709:28352 Clark RdMontgomery546170Dispatched For A Tree Smoking. 546 Was Cancelled By 170 Oic.
04704-20Brush Fire13:3418:27271 Smith RdMarion Center Boro541, 546, POV150, 160, 190, 260, 340, 350Assisted Jefferson 12 With Brush Fire.
04804-21Brush Fire16:4418:08286 Hwy E Larch RoadGreen541, 543, 546, STN, POV, 547 Controlled Burn, Called In By Passerby.
04905-02Vehicle Accident00:0012:183103 Route 240 Hwy.Green542, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPVehicle Into Tree, Pupil(S) Fled The Scene.
05005-07Vehicle Accident07:5709:115114 Route 580Green542, 546, STN, POVCITZ, IPSP2 Vehicle Mva With Injuries No Entrapment
05105-24Ambulance Assist18:1218:32764 Purchase Line Rd Green546, STN, POVCITZAsst Medic With Lift Asst
05205-24Tanker Assist22:1722:32100 Jean St SusquehannaSTN, 547C50, C55Canceled In Route
05305-27Gas Leak10:4411:161165 Mulberry RdGreen543, 546, STN, POV520Gas Line Was Struck By Farmer. Arrived On Scene And Esablished Traffic Control To Shut Down Road While Finding The Valve To Shut Off The Gas. Gas Shut Off And Gas Company Contacted.
05405-27Structure Fire21:3121:41939 Hillman RdBanksSTN, 547170, 340, CL29, J17, RIGCancelled In Route
05505-29Vehicle Accident12:5513:34Griesmore Rd & Linden RdGreen542, STN, POVIPSPDispatched For One Vehicle In To A Pole, Attempting To Flee The Scene. Crews Arrived And Found A Pole Sheared And The Driver Still On Scene. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Psp Arrived And Released Us.
05606-01Ambulance Assist17:2517:49764 Purchase Line Rd Green546, STN, POVCITZAsst Medic With Lift Asst
05706-02Structure Fire19:0220:21383 Mountain Veiw Dr Montgomery542, 543, 546, POV, 547170, 520Drill With 170 And 520
05806-06Vehicle Accident00:1700:31501 Peg Run Rd Susquehanna542, 546, STN, POV520, C50, CITZJust Past Indiana County Line On 240 In Cambria County Cancelled In Route
05906-06Wires Trees Down10:2811:13383 Mt View DrMontgomery542 Tree Fell On Wires Trapped Person In Car Till Rea Arived On Scene
06006-07Fuel Spill22:2323:121200 Greenwitch Rd Green542, 546, STN, POV520, IPSPFuel Spill From Pickup Truck Rollover
06106-09Landing Zone17:4318:184130 Grisemore RoadGreen542, 546, POVCITZLanded Life Flight For A Medical Emergency.
06206-09Car Fire21:1421:4617639 Rt 403 Hwy NGreen542, STN, POV150Vehicle Fire. Crews Extinguished Vehicle On Fire. Was Only A Parts Car
06306-15Brush Fire13:4914:532591 Purchase Line Rd.Green546, POV, 547 Hay Field On Fire. Crews Used Pump On 546 To Knock Down Fire. 547 Was On Scene For Additional Water Supply.
06406-20Landing Zone15:4416:433144 Purchase Line Rd Green542, 546, POVCITZLanding Zone In Field Behind House
06506-21Structure Fire16:4918:1913587 Route 286 Hwy E Green542, 546, POV, 547150, 190, CITZSmoke Showing On Roof 540 And 150 190 Assist In Knocking Down Fire And Started Mop Up Fire Out Fire And Water Damage
06607-01Landing Zone14:1114:53684 Cookport Rd Green542, POVCITZAsst Med With Landing Zone
06707-01Vehicle Accident17:1518:55Rt 240 & Lovejoy RdGreen542, 546, POV150, CITZ, IPSP2 Vehicle Accident. Patients All Refused Treatment. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Tow Company Cleared The Vehicles.
06807-03Vehicle Accident06:4808:0618843 Route 286 Hwy EMontgomery542, 546, STN, POV520, CITZ, IPSPOne Vehcle Hit Two Parked Car And Utility Pole
06907-06Vehicle Accident01:3102:47Route 240 HwyGreen542, STN, POV520, CITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Off The Roadway Into A Telephone Pole. Crews Assisted With Patient Packaging And Provided Traffic Control Until Tow Truck Cleared The Vehicle.
07007-15Tanker Assist03:1505:031705 Shepard Ln Dr ClearfieldSTN, 547170, 520, CITZTanker Asst.
07107-16Landing Zone10:1010:262477 East Run Rd Grant543, POVCITZEms Cancelled Helicopter
07207-18Structure Fire16:4818:453559 Starford RoadGreen543, STN, POV, 547150, 190, CITZ, RIGFire In An Abondoned House.
07307-19Debris Fire18:2319:203559 Starford RdGreen546, STN, POV, 547 Rekindle Of Structuce Fire Yesterday
07407-29Vehicle Accident17:4118:551149 Route 240Green542, 546, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPDirt Bike Accident In A Field. Crews Assited Medics With Patient Packaging And Transport. Then Established A Landing Zone For Life Flight 3.
07507-26Wires Trees Down04:3805:061180 Evergreen RoadGreen546, POV Several Trees Partially Blocking The Road.
07608-03Unknown Type Fire19:0419:53875 Hillsdale Rd Montgomery543, STN, POV, 547 Hay Wagon On Fire
07708-04Structure Fire19:0719:45154 Bash Personap Care Home Green543, STN, POV Kitchen Fire (Drill)
07808-05Brush Fire16:2216:582477 East Run RoadGrant546, STN, POV, 547 Approximately 500 Sq Feet On Fire Caused By Burn Barrel. Crews Arrived On Scene To A Mostly Extinguished Fire, And Mopped Up And Soaked Everything Down And Returned.
07908-10Wires Trees Down19:5120:36969 Vanderbilt StGreen546, STN, POV Tree Down Cross The Roadway Onto A Verizon Line. Crews Removed The Tree From The Road And Wire.
08008-16Wires Trees Down18:5919:454193-4862 Route 580 HwyGreen546, STN, POV Tree Down On Wires Removed Tree And Cleared Roadway
08108-16Wires Trees Down19:2219:237042 Route 580 HwyGreen546, STN, POV Trees Down On Wires
08208-16Wires Trees Down19:2319:23635 Poplar RdGreen546, STN, POV Trees Down On Wires
08308-16Wires Trees Down19:3419:346940 Route 580 HwyGreen546, STN, POV Tree Down On Wires
08408-16Wires Trees Down19:3919:39Route 580 Hwy And Hawethorn RdGreen546, STN, POV Tree Down On Wires
08508-16Wires Trees Down22:3101:278120 Route 580 HwyGreen546, POV Tree Across Roadway Onto Live Wires, Shorted Out Transformer. Trees Branches Hanging Down Into Lanes Of Travel. Waited For Rea For 3 Hours Then Removed The Tree Ourselves And Cleared Debris From Roadway.
08608-22Structure Fire18:4219:41167 Mountain View DriveMontgomery543, POV, 547 Drill At Live Well Estates. Crews Monitored Evacuation, And Toured The Facility.
08708-31Landing Zone01:1402:07Musser St And Bridge StGreen543, POVCITZDispatched To Establish A Landing Zone For Stat 16 For A Medical Patient. Crews Established Landing Zone At The Ball Field And Assisted Medics With Getting The Patient Transferred.
08809-07Unknown Type Fire13:1513:3217659 Route403 Hwy NGreen543, POV Burning Trash Behind Dumpster
08909-16Fire Alarm Activation15:0815:23895 Acorn RdGreenSTN, POV, 547 540 Chief Walked Through With Homeowner, Nothing Found. Cancelled All Units.
09009-17Vehicle Accident06:1507:49Hemlock Rd Between Acorn And DogwoodGreen542, POVIPSPOne Vehicle Over The Embankment. Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Truck Cleared The Scene.
09109-26Fire Alarm Activation07:0507:10167 Mountain View DrMontgomerySTN False Alarm
09209-27Wires Trees Down14:4315:05Churchill RoadMontgomery546, STN, POV Pulled Broken Line Off Roadway
09309-28Structure Fire09:0612:402596 Lockvale Rd.Banks543, POV, 547170, 340, 520, CL29, CL64, J17, J20, J40543 Arrived On Scene And The Crew Pulled Lines. The Structure Was Fully Involed. 547 Operated In A Tanker Shuttle. Crews Assisted With Mop Up And Overhaul And Cleared The Scene.
09409-28Structure Fire16:0716:192596 Lockvale Rd BanksSTN170, 340, J17Reactivated For Rekindle. Per 170Chf Cancel Response
09509-30Wires Trees Down06:1407:08Purchase Line RdGreen546, STN, POV Tree Down On Wires Blocking The Roadway. Crews Cut Up The Tree And Cleared The Roadway.
09610-09Wires Trees Down10:2911:04137 Lentz RdGrant546, POV Tree Down On Power Lines. Power Was Out Upon Our Arrival. Crews Removed The Tree And Cleared The Scene.
09710-13Vehicle Accident07:1708:36Route 240 Xs Cookport Rd Amd Pioneer Lake RoadGreen542, 546, POVCITZ, IPSP2 Vehicles Clipped One Another At The Intersection. Minor Injuries.
09810-21Traffic Control01:4602:53Route 580 Xs: Alder RdGreen546, STNIPSPTree Was Laying Along The Roadway, And Driver Come Upon It And Hit It. Traffic Control.
09910-31Vehicle Accident09:0809:449438 Rt 580Green542, STN520, IPSPVehicle Ran Off The Road And Got Hung Up On Tracks
10011-03Structure Fire11:4615:181714 Peles Rd Montgomery543, POV, 547170, 520, CITZStructure Fire Garage Into House
10111-03Structure Fire16:3117:311714 Peles Rd Montgomery543, STN, POV170Rekindle Of The House Small Fire In Center Of Roof
10211-04Tanker Assist00:5702:08270 West River RdBurnsideSTN, 547170, 520, C50, CITZ, CL29, CL45, CL64Dispatched To Assist With Tanker For A Structure Fire. Crew Responded With 547 And Stood By At The Scene For 45 Minutes Before Being Release. No Water Was Dropped.
10311-10Fire Alarm Activation13:1713:23383 Mountain View DrMontgomerySTN Dispatched For A Fire Alarm, Cancelled Before Responding.
10411-16Tanker Assist22:3001:59 5040 Tanoma RdRayneSTN, 547100, 150, 190, 240, 260, CITZ, RIG547 Responded For And Operated In A Tanker Shuttle, Shuttling 4 Loads Of Water From Clymer To The Scene.
10511-19Standby02:3405:16410 Musser StGreenSTN Standby In Our Station For Station 520
10611-23Ambulance Assist18:2720:03Douglas StGreen541, 542, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPDispatched For A Patient In The Woods. Arrived To Find A Patient Having Difficulty Walking, Admitting To Doing Heroin. Crews Accessed The Patient On Foot And With 541 And Assisted Him Out Of The Woods On 541 And Transferred The Patient To Ems.
10711-30Structure Fire11:1511:4364 Privateroad 5054Green542, STN, POV170, 520, C50, CITZDispatched For A Trailer Fire. Firefighter Sherry Arrived To Find Nothing Showing, Black Smoke Out Of The Furnace And Advised County. After Walk Through Crews Found A Piece Of Plastic Was Obstructing The Furnace Causing Into To Not Burn Properly Leading To The Black Smoke.
10812-13Vehicle Accident18:3220:13Route 580 Near Alder Rd.Green542, 546, POVPennDotDispatched For Multiple Vehicles Over The Bank Along 580. 5462 And 546 Responded And Approached 580 From Different Ends Due To The Reports Of Multiple Vehicles In Multiple Locations. 546 Arrived Onscene First With 3 Vehicles All Near Alder Rd. No Injuries, Owners Were Going To Come Back For Them The Next Day. 546 Provided Traffic Control Until All The Owners Were Able To Leave The Scene, And Penndot Was Able To Come Treat The Roadway.
10912-14Vehicle Accident20:3021:49Route 286 Near Cush Creek RdMontgomery542, POVCITZ, IPSPDispatched For A Vehicle Rolled Over, Possible Entrapment On 286 1 Mile East Of Hillsdale. While Responding Received An Update From Medic Personal That Accident Was 1 Mile East Of Cherry Tree Rd. Crews Arrived On Scene And Advised 170 This Was Their Area But We Could Handle If They Wanted. They Let Us Handle. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Company Arrived And Cleared.
11012-18Pumping Detail09:0209:21325 Taylorsville RoadGreen546, STN Caller Stated There Was A Foot Of Water In The Basement, Units Cancelled.
11112-18Pumping Detail12:5314:214043 Pioneer Lake RdMontgomery546, POV Dispatched In Place Of 520 Because They Were Tied Up In The Boro. Approx 2 - 3Ft Of Water In The Basement.
11212-18Pumping Detail16:4117:474043 Pioneer Lake Rd Montgomery546, STN, POV520Caller States Approx A Foot And A Half Of Water In The Basement
11312-20Wires Trees Down15:2215:45440 Lovejoy Rd.Green546, POV Comcast Wires Hanging Low.
11412-21Structure Fire11:0412:271316 Johnsburg RdCanoe543, 546, STN, POV, 547170, 340, J17, J20, J40Dispatched To Assist With A Working Fire. Crews Arrived And Assisted With Manpower. Tanker Did Not Drop Any Water.
11512-25Vehicle Accident14:3215:35Apple Road And Wandin Rd IntersectionGreen542, 546, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPOne Vhicle Off Roadway Into Trees, Provided Traffic Control Until Tow Truck And Psp Cleared The Scene.
11612-27Pumping Detail11:3613:3417215 Rte403 Hwy NGreen546, STN, POV 3 Of Water In The Basement