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2017  Call Info

Apparatus: Assisting Agencies:
541Rescue (ATV)
542Engine / Rescue
POVPersonal Vehicle
IDNameCounty / Township / City
CITZCitizens AmbulanceIndiana County
150ClymerIndiana County
520Cherry TreeIndiana County
IPSPState PoliceIndiana Barracks
170Glen CampbellIndiana County
190Marion CenterIndiana County
240Cherryhill Twp.Indiana County
570Pine Twp.Indiana County
RIGRIG TeamIndiana County
CL64BurnsideClearfield County
C50HopeCambria County
340RossiterIndiana County
100IndianaIndiana County
PSPFMState Police Fire MarshallIndiana Barracks
C59NicktownIndiana County
CL29MahaffeyClearfield County
PennDotPennDotIndiana County
J17Big RunJefferson County
CL45WestoverClearfield County
350PlumvilleIndiana County
260CreeksideIndiana County
J20CentralJefferson County
VETVeterans AmbulanceCambria County
PPSPState PolicePunxsutawney Barracks
C58SpanglerCambria County
GreenSupSupervisorsGreen Township
J40LindsayJefferson County
160Coral - GracetonIndiana County
C62PattonCambria County
C55HastingsCambria County
MontSupSupervisorsMontgomery Township
SHFSherriffIndiana County
HazMatHazMat TeamIndiana County
GrantSupSupervisorsGrant Township
600Evergreen Search & RescueIndiana County
120BlairsvilleIndiana County
211Westmoreland All TerrainWestmoreland County
FOXBureau of ForestyDistrict 6
K9K9 DogIndiana County

#DateTypeDispatchedClearedLocationMunicipalityApparatusAssisting AgenciesComments
00101-01Vehicle Accident Entrapment23:0000:142235 Cypress RdGreen542, 543, 546, POVCITZ, IPSP, VETOne Vehicle Rolled Over, With Entrapment. Crews Arrived Onscene And Removed Both Doors To Access The Patients, Assisted Ems With Patient Packaging And Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Company Cleared The Scene.
00201-08Structure Fire01:0504:4320 Penn StCherry Tree Boro542, 543, 547520, C50, C58, C59, CITZ, CL29, CL45, CL64, PennDoDispatched To Assist With A Working Structure Fire. Crews Responded And Assisted With Fire Tank. After Initial Fire Attack 543 Supplied Spanglers Aerial And 547 Operated In A Tanker Shuttle.
00301-10Tree Down19:4220:17Rowley Cemetary Rd. And Wilgus Rd.Montgomery546, STN, POV Tree Released Itself From Wires.
00401-11Vehicle Accident No Injuries06:0506:33Route 580 Near 240Green546, POV Dispatched For 1 Vehicle Rolled Over Negative Injuries. Crews Were Unable To Locate Anything On 240 Or 580. Crews Cleared The Scene With Nothing Found.
00501-12Tree Down14:1314:3218065 Rte 286 Hwy EMontgomery543, STN, POV Tree Onto House,Not On The Roadway Asst.2 Has Contacted Penn Dot And The Realtor Company
00601-21Vehicle Accident Entrapment04:3305:47Route 286 Hwy E And Cherry Tree RdMontgomery542, 546, POVCITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Into A Tree, One Male Patient Moderate Entrapment Bleeding From Head And Nose. Crews Arrived On Scene And Provided Entry For Ems And Disentagled Patient By Removing Roof And Doors. Crews Assisted Ems With Extrication And Remained On Scene To Provide Traffic Control For Tow Truck.
00701-26Smoke in a Structure15:1916:2424487 Rte 286Montgomery543, STN170, J17Dispatched To Assist 170 With Smoke In A Structure. All Units Held In Station.
00801-28Fire Alarm Activation14:2514:30167 Mountain View DrMontgomerySTN, CAN Cancelled By Alarm Company
00901-29Structure Fire08:2410:44651 Valley RdGreen542, 543, 546, STN, POV, 547150, 520, 570, CITZDispatched To A 2 Story House, Reported On Fire. Medic Unit Arrived Prior To The First Engine And Advised Working Fire. 543 Arrived Onscene And Pulled 2- 1 3/4 Lines And Attacked The Fire From The Interior On The First Story And In The Basement. 547 Arrived And Supplied 543 With Water. Crews Made A Knockdown With Approx. 500Gal Of Water, Using About 3000Gal Total. 520 And 570 Mask Personnel Assisted With Mop Up. 150 Was Requested For A Tanker, And To Move An Engine To Our Station. Tanker 157 Was Not Needed And Released About Half Way Through.
01002-13Wires Down07:3709:0777 Kriner Bottom RoadGrant546 Large Tree Fell On To The Power Lines And Was Burning.
01102-17Fire Alarm Activation11:0511:12383 Mountain View DriveMontgomerySTN Dispatched For A Fire Alarm Activation. Alarm Company Advised Passcode Was Given, They Were Working On The Phone Line. Crews Cancelled The Response.
01202-20Brush Fire15:0815:40162 Wandin RdGreen541, 543, 546, STN, POV, 547 50X50 Area, Mainly Hotspots. Crews Extinguished Hotspots And Cleared The Scene
01302-21Structure Fire04:2105:27787 Barr Slope RdRayne543, 546, 547150, 190, CITZ543 Arrived Onscene First And Pulled 1 - 1.75" Line And Knocked Down Any Remaining Fire In Wall Between The Stove And Exterior. Crews Checked For Extension, And 547 Supplied 543 With Fire. Owner Was Able To Return To The Residence Following The Fire.
01402-24Brush Fire13:5215:0357 Ball Park RdMontgomery541, 543, 546, STN, POV, 547170Brush Fire Endangering A House And Garage. 546 Was First Truck On Scene And Started Attacking Fire With Booster Reel. 541 Was Also Being Unloaded At The Time. 547 Arrived And Attacked The Fire From The Right Flank, While 541 And 546 Worked The Right Flank And Head. Crews Extinguished Fire And Soaked Everything Down.
01502-24Brush Fire15:0115:40901 Sebring RdGrant541, 542, 543, 546, STN, POV, 547 Tree Fell On Power Lines And Lines Caught Field On Fire. (Rea)
01602-25Wires Down16:1217:51Grisemore Rd And Birch RdGreen546, STN, POV, 547 Wind Blew Tree Down And It Fell On Wires And Broke 3 Phase Wire. Power Out In The Area. Assisted Rea, And Removed The Tree.
01703-02Vehicle Accident No Injuries03:4604:0415513 Route 286 Hwy E Green542, 546, POVIPSPFound Tracks, Vehicle Left Scene.
01803-07Structure Fire13:5116:587079 Route 240 HwyGreen543, 546, STN, POV, 547150, 520, CITZ, IPSP, RIG, SHFIcmsa Rep Advised 520 Engine For Us Not To Use The Hydrant Near Residents; Due To Not Enough Water Pressure And Tank Level. Greensburg Fire Marshal Was Called And Is Investigating. Loss: Two Dogs, And One Cat. Occupant Was Contacted At Work And Came To Scene. Rut Made By Engine At Pond Near Koughs Feed Store (Pond Was Not Used). Red Cross Was Contacted For One 44 Year Old Male. Structure Was 95% Involved Upon Arrival. 3Lb. Propane Tanks Exploded In Residents.
01903-08Wires Down16:4818:451228 Cypress RdGreen546, STN, POV Tree Down Pole Down Transformer On Pole
02003-09Brush Fire12:5214:29Purchase Line RdGreen541, 546, POV, 547 Fire In Golden Rod Field. Fire Spread Quickly Due To Windy Conditions. Crews Use The Brush Fire Skid On 541 And The Pump On 546 To Knock Down The Fire. 547 Supplied Water For Both Units.
02103-13Standby10:2513:08410 Musser StGreenSTN Dispatched For A 1 Engine Standby Into 520 While They Operated At A Structure Fire In Burnside Twp. 540 Asst. 2 Advised 520 Oic That We Would Remain In Our Station Due To Manpower Levels.
02203-15Ambulance Assist15:0815:37468 Elm Rd.Green546 Arrived On Scene And The Medics Were On Their Way Out Of Driveway.
02303-23Structure Fire18:4519:483890 Millstone RdBanks542, 543, 546, STN, POV, 547170, 190, 340, CITZ, CL64, J17, RIGCrews Arrived To Garbage Fire That Ignited A Brush Fire, Crews Assisted In Extinguishing The Brush Fire And Debris. 542, 547, 546 Cancelled En Route By 540 A2.
02404-04Structure Fire06:5809:063 Maple StGlen Campbell BoroSTN, 547340, CITZ, CL29, CL64, J17, J20, J40, RIGDispatched For A Tanker Assist For A Trailer Fire In Glen Campbell. Crews Dumped One Load Of Water.
02504-10Structure Fire23:0400:42539 Shawna RdSusquehanna543, STN520, C50, C58, C62, CITZ, CL29Assisted Hope Fire Company With A Structure Fire At The Susquehanna Hotel.
02604-13Vehicle Accident Injuries15:5317:15Route 286 And Taylorsville RdGreen542, 546, POVCITZ2 Vehicles With Ejection. Crews Assisted Ems And Provided Traffic Control.
02704-15Structure Fire14:4519:40776 Railroad AveCherryhill541, 543, 546, STN, POV, 547150, 160, 190, 240, 520, 570, C50, C58, C59, CITZFully Involved Fire At The End Of Very Long Road. 543 Was The Attack Engine. 547 Operated In A Tanker Shuttle And 546 And 541 Attacked A Resulting Brush Fire.
02804-17Structure Fire01:3103:3460 Upper Clinton StreetCanoe543, STN, 547170, 190, 340, J17, J20, J40Assist 340 With Structure Fire.
02904-17Traffic Control04:2507:09Grisemore Rd And Greenwich RdGreen543, STNIPSP, VETAssisted Ipsp With Traffic Control And Lighting While The Incident Was Being Investigated.
03004-17Landing Zone04:0504:17Grisemore Rd And Greenwich RdGreen543, STN Dispatched For A Landing Zone For A Medical Patient. Cancelled While Enroute, Helicopter Declined Due To Weather.
03104-18Brush Fire13:5814:53233 Spruce RdGreen546, 547 Dispatched For A Brush Fire Endangering A Shed, And Nearing A Wood Line. Crews Arrived To Most Of The Fire Out And Checked For Hot Spots.
03204-30Brush Fire16:2416:30Cemetery Rd And Dixon RdCherryhillSTN150Dispatched To Assist 150 With A Brush Fire Due To Their Tanker Being Out Of Service. 150 Chief Cancelled Us Before We Responded.
03305-02Wires Down16:5317:03Hemlock RdGreen546, STN, POV Dispatched For A Tree And Wires Down, Possibly On Fire. 540 Captain 2 Arrived Onscene To Find Rea Already Handling The Situation, No Need For The Fire Department.
03405-07Vehicle Accident Injuries12:5313:41Route 286 And Taylorsville RdGreen542, 546, POVCITZ, IPSPDispatched To Assist With Traffic Control For An Accident With Minor Injuries, With One Vehicle On The Roadway. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Truck Cleared The Scene.
03505-15Structure Fire03:1203:26Church Rd / Pollock RdCanoeSTN, CAN170, 340, CITZ, J17340 Chief Cancelled Upon Her Arrival.
03605-17Wires Down13:0613:36Hillsdale Road And Rte. 286Montgomery546 Pole Snapped Off On The Roadway. Crews Cleared The Pole And Wires And Returned.
03705-21Brush Fire13:4313:532590 Cookport RoadGreen546, STN, POV, 547 Small Fire Was Put Out Before Crews Arrived. Units Cancelled And Returned.
03805-22Vehicle Accident No Injuries14:0215:115457 Rt 580 HwyGreen542, STN, POVIPSP, SHFCrews Provided Protection From A Downed Live Power Line Till Rea Arrived On Scene
03905-25Vehicle Accident No Injuries21:3123:16Route 403 Hwy NGreen542, 546, POVCITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Rolled Over. Negative Entrapment, Minor Injuries. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Company Cleared The Scene. Vehicle Hit A Snake Nest When It Went Off The Roadway.
04005-28Pumping Detail23:4704:03460 Chestnut RdGreen546, STN 2 Feet Of Water In Basement. Crews Got Water Down To About 3 Inches. Crews Returned To This Address About 2 Hours Later, Water Level Was Back To 2 Feet.
04105-29Pumping Detail02:0003:15171 Market StCherry Tree Boro546, STN520Responded To Assist 520 With A 2 To 3 Feet Of Water In The 3 Basements Of Sun Rose Manor. Crews Started On The First Basement And 520 Handled The Third Basement After They Cleared A Previous Scene.
04205-29Traffic Control00:4401:45600 Block Vanderbilt StGreen546, STNGreenSupDispatched To Close Vanderbilt St At The Bridge In The 600 Block Of Vanderbilt St. Crews Closed The Road Until Green Twp. Supervisors Could Respond With Barricades.
04305-29Pumping Detail23:2501:4570 Vanderbilt StGreenSTN, POV, 547 Dispatched For Several Feet Of Water In The Basement. Crews Removed The Water And Cleared The Scene.
04405-29Pumping Detail03:1604:493297 Cookport RdGreenSTN, POV, 547 Crews Removed Several Feet Of Water From The Basement At This Address.
04505-29Pumping Detail04:5805:14City St GreenSTN, POV, 547GreenSupDispatched For Manhole Covers Pushed Out By Water. When Crews Arrived Water Had Receded.
04605-29Pumping Detail08:3609:33190 City StGreen546, POV 2 To 3 Feet Of Water In The Basement.
04705-29Pumping Detail09:3411:3618239 Route 286 HwyGreen546, POV1502 Feet Of Water In Basement. While Responding We Were Advised Of A Another Basement In Starford. At That Time 150 Offered Their Assistance. They Responded To This Address Assisted By A Few Commodore Personnel And 546 Proceeded To The Next Basement.
04805-29Pumping Detail09:4110:5326 Railroad StGreen546, POV Several Feet Of Water In Basement.
04905-30Vehicle Accident No Injuries17:5819:161655 Wandin RdGreen542, 546, STN, POVIPSPPickup Truck Rolled Over Off The Roadway. Crews Controlled Fluids And Provided Traffic Control For Psp And Two Company.
05006-09Vehicle Accident Injuries23:0801:422245 Barr Slope RdGreen542, 543, POVIPSPLawn Mower Rolled Over Down An Embankment. Crews Assisted With Lighting Until The Coroner And State Police Completed The Investigation.
05106-10Landing Zone00:5301:4089 Vanderbilt StGreen542, 543, POVCITZ, IPSPDispatched To Land A Helicopter For A Medical Patient. Crews Established A Landing Zone At The Commodore Ball Field And Assisted Ems With Patient Transfer.
05206-10Brush Fire11:2211:39Rt 240 Hwy At Acorn RdGreen546, POV, 547 Controlled Burn On Road Side
05306-14Landing Zone15:1115:5616559 Route 286 Hwy EGreen543, POVCITZDispatched To Land A Helicopter For A Medical Patient From 170S Area.
05406-17Traffic Control03:1605:21Lovejoy RdGreen542, STNIPSPDispatched To Assist Psp With Lighting At An Active Investigation.
05506-26Wires Down17:3218:013917 Starford Rd StarfordGreen542, 546, STNIPSPVehicle Hit A Telephone Pole And Then Fled The Scene.
05607-08Traffic Control02:5507:5916136 Route 286 Hwy EGreen542, 546, POVCITZ, IPSPDispatched To Assist Ems With Traffic Control For A Patient Down On The Roadway. Crews Provided Traffic Control And Lighting Until Ems And Psp Cleared The Scene.
05707-14Wires Down04:4106:19Railroad Street And Teddy St.Green546, STN, POVGreenSupDispatched For A Tree Down On Wires. Advised County Of Pole Number For Penelec. Also Requested Green Twp. For Equipment, Tree Was Larger Than We Could Handle By Hand. Turned Scene Over To Green Twp. Prior To Power Companies Arrival.
05807-20Vehicle Accident Entrapment01:5003:00Route 286 Hwy E / Purchase Line Rd-Green542, 546, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPImpaired Driver Lost Control Of The Vehicle. Rolled Multiple Times. Minor Entrapment.
05907-20Landing Zone02:1302:56Vanderbilt St / Musser StGreen542, 543, 546, POVCITZLanded Helicopter For The Patient Of The Vehicle Accident On Route 286.
06007-21Structure Fire01:2403:56496 Valley RdGreen543, 546, POV, 547150, 520, 570, CITZ, PSPFMFully Involved Trailer Fire. 543S Crew Attacked Fire With 2 - 1 3/4" Lines With A Mostly Exterior Attack. 547 Arrived And Supplied 543 With Water. Crews From 520 And 570 Assisted With Fire Attack And Mopup. Due To Temperature And Humidity 150 Was Requested. 150 Also Assisted With Attack And Mopup. Tanker 157 And Tanker 523 Also Supplied Water To Engine 543.
06107-24Structure Fire11:2811:411550 Kirkland RdRayne543100, 150, 190, CITZDispatched To Assist Clymer With A Garage Fire. While Responding 150 Oic Advised Fire Was Out And Requested All Units Respond Reduced, And Cancelled All Mutual Aid Departments Shortly After.
06207-29Vehicle Accident No Injuries14:0415:05Route 286 Hwy E & Lighthouse RdGreen542, 546, POVIPSPOne Vehicle Into A Guardrail Leaking Gas. Crews Worked To Contain And Capture The Leaking Gas And Provided Traffic Control And Fire Protection Until Psp And Tow Truck Cleared The Scene.
06308-04Wires Down16:3518:10Route 240 Hwy & Hemlock RdGreen546, POV520Large Tree Down Blocking The Roadway On Phone Lines. Crews Removed Tree From Wires And Smaller End Of The Tree Until Penn Dot Arrived To Removed The Very Large Trunk.
06408-05Vehicle Accident Injuries17:4523:1711394 Route 286 Hwy ECherryhill542, 543, 546, STN, POV150, CITZ, IPSP, PennDot1 Vehicle Rolled Over Sitting On Its Wheels With Ejection. Crews Assisted Ems And Provided Traffic Control And Lighting For Psp Until Investigation Was Complete. Penndot Also Responded To Assist With Traffic Control.
06508-05Structure Fire22:3000:26Route 403 Hwy & Manor RdCherryhill543, STN, POV, 547100, 150, 190, 240, 570, C59, CITZ, PSPFMDispatched To Assist 240 With A Working Fire At Yamricks Garage. Crews Assisted With Manpower.
06608-07Wires Down13:1214:09785 Vanderbilt St -Green546, POV Wind Blew Tree Down On Wires And Wires Were Laying Across The Roadway.
06708-10Vehicle Accident Injuries22:1923:04 Route 240 Hwy / Chestnut Rd-Green542, 546, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPVehicle On Its Side, Minor Injuries
06808-12Vehicle Accident No Injuries01:4203:28Sumac RdGreen542, POVIPSPOne Vehicle Rolled Over Blocking The Roadway. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Truck Cleared The Scene.
06908-19Vehicle Accident Injuries18:4120:00Allison Rd. Near Purchase Line Rd.Green542, 546, POVCITZ, IPSP2 Vehicles Blocking The Roadway With Minor Injuries. Crews Assisted Ems, And Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Trucks Cleared The Scene.
07008-27Vehicle Accident Injuries15:2216:44850 Greenwich RdGreen542, 546, POVIPSP, VETVehicle On Its Roof, Negative Entrapment When Arrived On Scene.
07108-29Wires Down11:2212:03Cookport Road At Wandin RoadGreen546, POV Tree Down Involving Utility Lines
07208-31Ambulance Assist16:2316:5664 Privateroad 5054 Rd Rte 580 Green542, 546, POVCITZPatient Was In A Skidsteer. Crew Helped Medics Remove Patient.
07309-05Structure Fire01:4403:01353 Adams StClymer Boro543, STN, POV, 547150, 240, C50, CITZDispatched To Assist 150 With Smoke In A Basement, Power Flickering. Crews Assisted With Investigation. No Fire Was Found, Smoke Condition Cleared After Killing Power To Residence. Main Breaker Was Burnt.
07409-07Vehicle Accident Injuries00:2100:30Railroad St & Cypress RdGreen542, POVCITZDispatched For One Vehicle Into A Ditch. Irp 75 Arrived To Find The Vehicle Was Just Stuck In The Ditch Attempting To Turnaround. All 540 Units Cancelled.
07509-12Structure Fire17:5018:241143 Hartman RdGreen542, 543, STN, POV, 547150, 190, CITZSmall Fire In A 10X10 Shed. Mutual Aid Departments Were Cancelled After 542 & 543 Crews Quickly Extinguished Fire.
07609-12Structure Fire22:5500:53427 Cookport RdGreen542, 543, STN, POV, 547150, 520, C50, CITZDispatched For An Unattached Garage Fire. Personnel Arrived And Pulled A 2.5" And 2 -1.75" Lines To Attack Fire And Protect Exposures. 150 And 520 Personnel Assisted With Fire Attack And Tankers 547, 523, And 157 Supplied Water To 543 Which Was Supplying Water To 542. C50 Was Onscene As Rit And Also Assisted With Mopup.
07709-15Traffic Control14:2315:30Route 240 Hwy & Cookport Rd.Green542, STN, POVIPSPDispatched For Traffic Control As The Result Of A Vehicle Accident At The Main Entrance To The Cookport Fair Grounds. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Psp Arrived.
07809-18Vehicle Accident Injuries17:1617:20Route 286 & Lilac Rd.GreenSTN, POV Dispatched For An Accident At Lilac Rd & 286. Prior To 542 Going Enroute County Advised That The Accident Was Actually At Oakland Ave. And Lilac St In Indiana. All 540 Units Cancelled At That Time.
07909-23ATV Accident15:3416:104886 Rte 240 HwyGreen542, 546, POVCITZPatient Rolled An Atv In A Field. Crews Assisted Ems With Patient Packaging And Cleared The Scene.
08009-27Vehicle Accident No Injuries09:3610:44Route 286 Hwy E X Smith StreetGreen542, POVCITZ, IPSPT- Bone Type Collision. Car Pulling Out Of Commodore Entrance And Collided With A Car Headed On 286 Hwy East.
08110-01Vehicle Accident Injuries14:1415:15Route 286 Hwy E And Rowley Cemetery RdMontgomery542, 546, POVCITZ, IPSP2 Vehicle Accident With Minor Injuries. Crews Assisted Ems With Patient Packaging And Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Truck Cleared The Scene.
08210-02Brush Fire12:1812:442103 Raspberry RdGreen546, POV, 547 Dispatched For A Large Field On Fire. While Responding We Were Advised This Was Possibly A Game Commission Controlled Burn On Purchase Line Rd. Crews Arrived On Scene And Spoke With Representative And Confirmed.
08310-03Fire Alarm Activation13:0013:07167 Mountain View Dr.MontgomerySTN, CAN Dispatched For A Fire Alarm Activation. Prior To Going Enroute Crews Were Advised It Was A False Alarm. All Units Cancelled.
08410-05Vehicle Accident Injuries13:0913:21Moyer Rd And Cherry Tree RdMontgomerySTN520, CITZDispatched To Assist 520 With A Vehicle Accident One Vehicle Into A Pole When They Didnt Respond Fast Enough. They Responded Just After We Were Dispatched And Advised Us To Remain In Station, And Cancelled Us A Few Minutes Later.
08510-05Vehicle Accident No Injuries16:1016:5213058 Route 286 Hwy EGreen546, STN, POVIPSPVehicle Hydroplaned, Went Into Garage Type Building. No Injuries.
08610-06Landing Zone20:0303:40550 Sherman StClymer Boro542, 543, POV150, CITZ, IPSPDispatched To Establish Landing Zone For 2 Choppers As A Result Of A Vehicle Accident.
08710-10Structure Fire05:3317:262118 Abel RdGrant542, 543, 546, POV, 547150, 170, 190, 260, 340, 520, C50, CITZ60X120 Shed, Fully Involved. Full Of Hay And Farming Equipment. Crews Attacked The Fire, And Brought In Machinery To Tear Apart Building And Hay Pile. Home Owners Advised Us To To Push Hay Out Into The Field And Let It Burn Itself Out.
08810-10Vehicle Accident No Injuries22:3522:5015883 Route 286 Hwy EGreen542, 546, STN, POVCITZVehicle Hit Sign And Fled The Scene. No Other Vehicles Found.
08910-16Fire Alarm Activation14:4515:066902 Route 240 HwyGreen543 False Activation, Confirmed With Homeowner Upon Arrival And Cleared.
09010-18Fire Alarm Activation01:5302:0017254 Route 286 Hwy EGreenSTN 2Nd Call From Alarm Company Prior To Units Responding, False Alarm, Furnace Malfunction. All Units Cancelled.
09110-21Vehicle Accident No Injuries00:5003:53Route 286 Hwy E & Purchase Line RdGreen542, POVIPSPOne Vehicle Off The Roadway Through A Utility Pole. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Penelec Arrived Onscene And Cleared The Power Line.
09210-30Fire Alarm Activation18:0218:18167 Mountain View DrMontgomery543 Fire Alarm Activation, Unknown Cause. Crews Responded And Checked The Building Near The Detector Activation. Nothing Found.
09311-03Traffic Control19:0219:4018065 Route 286 Hwy Montgomery542, POVIPSPDispatched To Assist Psp With Traffic Control. Vehicles Were Mostly Off The Roadway But Traffic Control Would Be Needed For Recovery Operation. Crews Directed Traffic Until Tow Truck Cleared.
09411-04Vehicle Accident Injuries19:3820:11Route 286 Hwy E & Route 240 HwyGreen542, STNCITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Into A Deer. Crews Provided Traffic Control While Medic Unit Packaged The Patient And Tow Truck Cleared The Scene.
09511-06Ambulance Assist15:3115:557488 Route 580 HwyGreen546, POV520, CITZLift Assist For The Medic Unit. Crews Were Assisted By 520 Due To Limited Manpower.
09611-07Wires Down13:4414:23Route 580 And Hawthorne Rd.Green546, STN Unable To Location Anything Near This Address. Crews Cleared The Scene.
09711-07Wires Down14:0314:50Mulberry Rd & Redwood Rd.Green546, STN Wires Down In A Field Crews Provided Pole Number And Waited Power Companies Arrival.
09811-08Structure Fire07:0807:34994 Sportsman RdCherryhillSTN, 547150, 240, 570, CITZDispatched To Assist With A Tanker. While Responding 547 Was Asked To Stage At The Penn Run Firehall. Shortly After Staging 547 Was Released When A Vehicle Accident Was Reported In Our Area.
09911-08Vehicle Accident Entrapment07:4208:382755 Valley RdGreen542, STN, 547CITZ, IPSP, VETOne Vehicle Off The Roadway Into A Tree. Crews Assisted Ems And Removed The Rear Drives Side Door, And B Post To Remove The Patient From The Vehicle.
10011-08CO Alarm17:5119:07119 Aspen RdGreen546, STN Dispatched For A Co Alarm With No Patients. Crews Responded And Found Readings In The Teens In The Basement And Between 25 And 50 On The First Floor. We Advised The Resident To Not Stay The Night Until The Furnace And Hot Water Tank Could Be Inspected.
10111-15Ambulance Assist04:4805:2918050 Route 403 Hwy NGreen546, STN, POVCITZAssist A Medic Unit With A Stroke Patient, Cancelled On The Way.
10211-16Landing Zone07:3008:1215 Fisher StGreen543, STNCITZProvided A Landing Zone For Citizens Ambulance Service At The Commodore Ballfield.
10311-19Wires Down01:4902:54Route 580 & Pine Flats RdGreen546, STN, POV Dispatched For A Tree On Wires Blocking The Roadway. Crews Arrived And Closed The Road Until Penelec Arrived And Cleared The Wire.
10411-19Tree Down02:4302:44550 Nashville RdGrantSTN Dispatched In Place Of 190. The Acknowledged A Few Seconds Later And Cancelled Our Units.
10511-19Tree Down09:5810:44Abel Rd & Wolfe LnGrant546, POV Tree Down On A Phone Wire. Crews Removed The Tree And Cleared The Scene.
10611-20Vehicle Accident Injuries22:2023:03Wandin Rd / Two Lick Hill RdGreen542, 546, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPIntoxicated Driver That Was Driving A Stolen Vehicle, Crashed Into The Guiderail At Cypress Rd And Two Lick Hill Rd.
10711-25Standby07:1009:201023 Philadelphia Ave - Cambria Sta 50Susquehanna543, STN Called For Standby Into Cambria Station 50.
10811-27Ambulance Assist02:0502:527488 Route 580 HwyGreen546, STNCITZAssisted Ems In Lifting A Patient And Then Assisted To Ambulance.
10912-04Standby13:1817:05410 Musser St.GreenSTN Stand By In Our Station For Station 170.
11012-12Vehicle Accident No Injuries12:2913:20Route 240 HwyGreen542, 546, STNIPSP, PennDotUnits Arrived On-Scene To Find A Car With Its Right Rear Tire Up Over The Guard Rail, Holding The Car In Position. No Injuries On Scene. Members Provided Traffic Control For Psp Until The Tow Truck Arrived And Cleared The Car From The Guardrail And Cleared The Roadway. Penndot Arrived And Plowed And Laid Down Anti-Skid Around The Area.
11112-16Vehicle Accident Injuries03:2903:52Herry Tree Rd / Oak Tree LnMontgomery542, 546, STN, POV520, CITZ, IPSP, PennDotVehicle In The Ditch. Driver Was Transported By Psp. 540 Was Cleared By 520 After Arriving On Scene.
11212-16Vehicle Accident Injuries04:5505:494299 Route 580 HwyGreen542, 546, POVCITZ, IPSPVehicle Struck Tree,Heavy Front End Damage. Negative Entrapment. Patient Had A Broken Ankle.
11312-25Vehicle Accident Injuries10:3912:06 1167 Route 580 Hwy - Pine FlatsGreen542, 546CITZ, IPSPT-Bone Type Collision, Female Patient With Chest Pains Transported To Irmc.
11412-25Vehicle Accident Injuries14:1516:09 Route 240 Hwy / Valley RdGreen542, 546, POVCITZ, IPSP, PennDotVehicle Into A Tree (Passenger Side), Between Valley Rd., And Hazelnut Rd, On Route 240. Assisted Ems In Extricating Patient Out Of The Vehicle.
11512-25Landing Zone14:5015:43160 Musser St Green542, 543, 546, STN, POVCITZLanded Helicopter At The Commodore Ball Field For The Patient In The Vehicle Accident On Route 240.
11612-26Physical Rescue17:3318:353072 Wilgus RdMontgomery542, 546, POV170, CITZDispatched To Assist 170 With A Physical Rescue/Landing Zone For A Juvenile Patient Injured In A Sledding Accident. Patient Was Extricated Prior To Arrival. Established Landing Zone On Wilgus Road Near Rowley Cemetery Road.
11712-27Structure Fire08:0209:111361 Cypress RdGreen543, POV, 547150, 520, C50, CITZ, SHFSmall Fire Around The Flue Area. Homeowner Had Fire Mostly Out Upon Our Arrival. Crews Used A Little Bit Of Water To Hit Hot Spots And Opened Up To Check For Extension.
11812-27Structure Fire22:5602:41197 Pine StBurnside543, STN, POV, 547150, 170, 340, 520, C50, C59, C62, CITZ, CL45, CL6Dispatched For A Tanker Assist For A Working House Fire In Burnside Boro. 547 Responded Shortly Followed By 543 For A Possible Fill Site. 547 Supplied 1 Load Of While And 543 Worked To Establish A Fill Site To Supply 5 Inch. Freezing Conditions Made Establishing A Steady Supply Near Impossible And Both Units Began To Freeze. Crews Cleared Shortly After.
11912-29Vehicle Accident Injuries21:2722:3811349 Route 286 Hwy EGreen542, 546, POVCITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Into The Embankment, Rolled Over. Patient Already Out Of Vehicle On Arrival With Minimal Injuries. Crew Provided Traffic Control For Psp And Tow Truck.