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2018  Call Info

Apparatus: Assisting Agencies:
541Rescue (ATV)
542Engine / Rescue
POVPersonal Vehicle
IDNameCounty / Township / City
CITZCitizens AmbulanceIndiana County
150ClymerIndiana County
520Cherry TreeIndiana County
IPSPState PoliceIndiana Barracks
170Glen CampbellIndiana County
190Marion CenterIndiana County
240Cherryhill Twp.Indiana County
570Pine Twp.Indiana County
RIGRIG TeamIndiana County
CL64BurnsideClearfield County
C50HopeCambria County
340RossiterIndiana County
100IndianaIndiana County
PSPFMState Police Fire MarshallIndiana Barracks
C59NicktownIndiana County
PennDotPennDotIndiana County
CL29MahaffeyClearfield County
J17Big RunJefferson County
CL45WestoverClearfield County
350PlumvilleIndiana County
VETVeterans AmbulanceCambria County
260CreeksideIndiana County
J20CentralJefferson County
C58SpanglerCambria County
PPSPState PolicePunxsutawney Barracks
J40LindsayJefferson County
GreenSupSupervisorsGreen Township
C55HastingsCambria County
C62PattonCambria County
160Coral - GracetonIndiana County
MontSupSupervisorsMontgomery Township
SHFSherriffIndiana County
HazMatHazMat TeamIndiana County
GrantSupSupervisorsGrant Township
120BlairsvilleIndiana County
211Westmoreland All TerrainWestmoreland County
600Evergreen Search & RescueIndiana County
FOXBureau of ForestyDistrict 6
K9K9 DogIndiana County

#DateTypeDispatchedClearedLocationMunicipalityApparatusAssisting AgenciesComments
00101-02Structure Fire08:1809:37208 Jefferson StClymer Boro543, 547150, 190, 240, C50, CITZ540 Cheif Arrived On-Scene To Find Smoke Coming From The Attic Vent. 540 Cheif And Clymer Boro Officer Douglas Evacuated The Building Of Residents. Advised Of Multiple Oxygen And Propane Tanks Inside The Residence. 543 Arrived On Scene And Personel Made Entry Into The Structure. Found Fire Above The Bed In The Bedroom And Extinguished. 547 Arrived On Scene And Provided Secondary Water Source As Hydrants Were Froze. 543 Remained On-Scene And Helped 150 Overhaul The Scene.
00201-07Structure Fire00:5006:121280 Two Lick Hill RdGreen542, 543, 546, 547150, 240, 570, C59, CITZ, IPSP, PSPFMUnits Arrived On-Scene To A Fully Involved Trailer Fire. Crews Pulled Three Attack Lines From 543 And Hit The Fire. After Initial Knock Down Crews Were Advised Of A Possible Victim Inside. Crews Then Searched The Residence And Found Said Victim. 660 And Fire Marshall Requested. Crews Provided Scene Lighting For 660 And Fire Marshall And Extricated The Body. Crews Finished Mop Up And Cleared The Scene.
00301-13Structure Fire12:0312:2252 Tyger RdCanoeSTN, 547170, 340, J17, J20, J40Tanker 547 Went In Route, 340 Chief Got And Scene And Cancelled All Incoming Units Except For Station 340.
00401-14Structure Fire16:3518:35496 Valley RdGreen543, 546, STN, POV, 547150, 520, C50, CITZTrailer Fire Was Fully Involved Upon Arrival. Fire Was Knocked Down Within 15 Minutes. Cause Of Fire Was Determined To Be A Wood Burning Stove.
00501-15Structure Fire17:5821:571361 Cypress RdGreen542, 543, 546, POV, 547150, 190, 520, C50, CITZ, GreenSupCrews Pulled 3 Lines From 543, As Well As The 2 Lines From 547 To Extend 2 Lines From The Engine. 547 Supplied Water To 543. Tankers From 150, 520, And 190 Assisted With Water Supply, Shuttling Water From A Hydrant In Lovejoy, And Their Crews Also Assisted With Manpower For Fire Attack. C50 Provided Manpower For 2 Rit Crews, As Well As A Few Guys That Assisted With Operations. Once In Overhaul Stage Some Of Their Members Assisted.
00601-17Vehicle Accident Injuries23:0823:54Route 286 Hwy E And Route 240Green542, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Rolled Over With Injuries. Crews Assisted Ems And Provided Traffic Control Until Tow Truck And Psp Cleared The Scene.
00701-26Structure Fire18:5221:01114 Rhodadendron StGreen542, 543, STN, POV, 547150, 520, C50, VETResponded To A Fully Involved Garage Fire With Extension To A Second Building. 543 Arrived And Crews Attacked Extending Fire With 1 3/4 Line And A 1 3/4 Line And Blitz Fire Line On The First Structure. Crews Were Able To Quickly Stop Spread To Neighboring Building And Then Concentrated Efforts On Garage. 547 Supplied Water To 543. Crews From 150 And 520 Assisted With Fire Attack, Mopup And Water Supply. C50 Assisted With A Rit Team And Some Manpower For Attack And Overhaul.
00801-30Structure Fire12:0312:13253 6Th StClymer BoroSTN190, 240, CITZ, RIGDispatched For A Structure Fire In Clymer Boro. Cancelled Before Going Enroute.
00902-01Standby01:3401:40550 Sherman StClymer Boro543, STN Dispatched For A Standby For Clymer. Prior To Going Enroute Units Were Dispatched To A Structure Fire.
01002-01Structure Fire01:3904:51935 Starford RdCherryhill542, 543, 546, STN, POV, 547150, 190, 240, 520, 570, C59, CITZ, PSPFMDispatched To A Working Fire. Crews Arrived To Fire Out The Front Window, And Front And Back Porch. Crews Pulled 2 - 1 3/4 Lines And Attacked Fire. 547 Supplied Water. Crews From Other Departments Assisted With Fire Attack And Mop Up.
01102-04Vehicle Accident No Injuries10:3011:4114853 Route 286 HwyGreen542, STN, POVIPSPOne Vehicle Into A Pole. Pole Broke But Not Down. Driver Fled The Scene. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Truck Cleared The Scene.
01202-04Ambulance Assist18:3119:09Route 240 Hwy / Hemlock RdGreen542, 546, POVCITZ, VETAssisted In Removing A Cardiac Arrest Patient Out Of A Field Across From Pardees And Into A Medic That Was Stationed In Pardees Parking Lot.
01302-05Car Fire17:5119:35875 Hill RoadGreen543, 546, STN, 547 Dispatched To Possible Vehicle Fire. Crews Arrived And Found Vehicle Slightly Smoking, The Pump From 546 Was Used To Soak Down The Engine Compartment And Under Carriage Of The Vehicle.
01402-10Standby02:0710:59550 Sherman StClymer Boro543, STN 1 Engine Standby Into 150 While They Were Operating At A Fire In Indiana.
01502-14Wires Down09:4110:56Cypress Rd / Lovejoy RdGreen546 Cable And Power Lines Down Blocking The Roadway. Cleared When Penelec Arrived On Scene.
01602-15Pumping Detail23:3501:02460 Chestnut RoadGreen546, STN, POV Approx. 6-10 Inches Of Water In Residents Basement.
01802-16Wires Down06:4008:13747 Clark RdMontgomery546, POV170Assisted Station 170 With Power Lines Down That Was Caused From The Wind Blowing A Tree Down And Snapping The Wires From A Resident, Which Also Was Partially Blocking The Roadway.
01702-16Pumping Detail06:5207:121924 Barr Slope RoadGreenSTN150Was Dispatched At The Same Time For Another Call Assisting Station 170 With Wires Down. Station 150 Advised They Could Handle The Pumping Detail On Barr Slope Rd. For Us To Assist Station 170.
01902-25Structure Fire12:1512:41450 Cypress RdGreen543, STN150, 520, C50, CITZDispatched For An Oven Fire. Caller Then Advised Fire Was Out Before Any Units Responded. A Crew Responded Non-Emergency With 543 To Confirm Fire Was Out With A Thermal Imager. Crews Found No Sign Of Fire And Cleared The Scene.
02002-26Pumping Detail13:4715:14171 City StGreen546 Crews Responded For About A Foot Of Water In The Basement. Crews Pumped The Water Out And Cleared The Scene.
02102-28Structure Fire15:1717:049039 Route 580 HwyGreen543, 546, STN, POV, 547150, 520, C50, CITZ, PSPFMDispatched For A Trailer Fire With Smoke Showing. Crews Responded And Assisted 520 And 50 Crews With Fire Attack And Mop Up. 547 Supplied Water To 50 Engine.
02203-03Vehicle Accident No Injuries01:1909:37Rte 286 At Sebring RoadMontgomery542, 546, POV520, CITZ, IPSPCrews Arrived On Scene And Found A Pole Down With Wires Blocking The Roadway. There Was No Vehicle At The Scene. Crews Provided Traffic Control For An Extended Period Of Time While The Pole Was Replaced.
02303-03Vehicle Accident Injuries22:1222:58Starford Rd & Diamondville RdCherryhillSTN, POV150, CITZOne Vehicle In A Ditch. Held In Station By 540 Chief Prior To Responding.
02403-04Vehicle Accident Injuries20:3521:29Dogwood RdGreen542, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPSuv Rollover, Minor Injuries
02503-07Vehicle Accident No Injuries09:0109:3214853 Route 286 Hwy EGreen546, POV Dispatched For Multiple Minor Accidents And Tractor Trailers Stuck. Upon Arriving On Scene Traffic Was Flowing And One Vehicle Remained Off The Roadway. Vehicle Only Received Very Minor Damage And No Property Damage. As A Result 540 Oic Requested Approval From Psp To Remove To Vehicle And Clear The Scene. Approval Was Given And Our Crew Helped Push The Vehicle Out And Cleared The Scene.
02603-09Vehicle Accident No Injuries14:5717:512928 Route 240 HwyGreen542, 546, POVPennDotOne Vehicle Accident, With A Pole Down And No Injuries. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Turned Over To Penndot And Rea.
02703-10Landing Zone15:2516:0916559 Route 286 Hwy EGreen543, STN, POV Dispatched To Establish A Landing Zone For Lifeflight 3 For A Medical Patient. Crews Established A Landing Zone In The Front Parking Lot Of Purchase Line High School.
02803-14Vehicle Accident No Injuries07:4207:42Elm Rd & Tipperary RdGreen542, POVIPSPTwo Vehicles Off The Roadway. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Psp Arrived.
02903-18Structure Fire12:3913:00380 Oak AveClymer BoroSTN, POV150, 240, C50, RIGDispatched To Assist 150 With Structure Fire, Oven Fire. 150 Chief Arrived Prior To Our Units Responding And Held All Units In Station, Fire Was Out. Units Were Release A Short Time Later.
03003-19Brush Fire17:0420:15Strangford Rd & Chestnut Ridge RdBurrell541, 546, STN Dispatched To Assist 140 With A Large Brush Fire Along The River, Crews Responded With The Side By Side. Part Of The Crew Assisted With It From The Lower End, And The Other Crew Stood By On Top Side Of The Fire Preparing To Make Entry From That Side Until Decision Was Made To Back Out Until Morning With Darkness Approaching.
03103-20Brush Fire07:3213:00Strangford Rd & Chesnut Ridge RdBurrell541, 546, STN, POVCITZDispatched To Assist 140 With Day 2 Of A Brush Fire On Packsaddle Gap. Crew Responded With 546 And 541 And Assisted With Containing And Extinguishing Remaining Fire.
03203-24Vehicle Accident Injuries02:2403:28Valley Rd Near Sycamore RdGreen542, POVCITZ, IPSPDispatched For 1 Vehicle Off The Roadway Into The Woods. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Truck Cleared The Scene.
03303-31Vehicle Accident No Injuries23:4900:24Hwy 286 And Smith St Green542, 546, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Left The Roadway, Hit An Embankment And Returned To The Roadway Approximately 100 Yds From Contact. Front Passenger Wheel Torn From Car, Vehicle Undrivable. Crews Provided Traffic Conrtol And Lighting Until Tow Truck Was Done Loading The Vehicle.
03404-01Structure Fire02:2102:32585 1StClymer Boro543, STN, 547150, 240, C50, CITZ, RIGDispatched For A Shed On Fire Under A Residence. Our Units Were Cancelled By 150 Prior To Arriving On Scene.
03504-02Wires Down04:4505:0817690 Route 403 HwyGreen546, POV Phone Line Down Across The Road. Service Line To A Residence. Upon Our Arrival Wire Was Disconnected. Crew Removed The Wire From The Road And Cleared The Scene.
03604-02Wires Down06:1406:31246 Purchase Line RdGreen546, POV Low Hanging Wire From A Pole To A Residence. Penndot Was Onscene Upon Our Arrival And Advised They Were Going To Handle It.
04004-03CO Alarm19:1920:181947 Barr Slope RdGreenPOV Dispatched For Co. Crew Responded With Meter. 150 Oic Was Contacted To Assist With Meter As Well.
03704-04Tree Down08:1508:476044 Tipperary RdGreen546, POV Tree Fell On Wires. Cleared Tree, And Wires/Pole Had No Damage.
03804-06Wires Down12:2013:244255 Starford RdGreen546, POV Responded To A Call For Downed Power Lines Across The Roadway. Upon Arrival Assistant 2 Advised Indiana 911 That The Lines Were Off The Roadway. 546 And Crew Secured The Scene Until Penelec Arrived.
03904-06Brush Fire14:5215:204481 Hemlock RdGreen546, STN, POV Advised To Be Out When Dispatched, But Still Responded To Check. Was Out, But Did Soak Down The 4X4 Area That Was Burnt.
04104-12Structure Fire22:3923:14228 Douglas StGreen542, 543150, CITZDispatched For A Reported Structure Fire, Possible Furnace Fire. Crews Responded And Investigated And Appeared To Be Furnace Issue.
04204-13Brush Fire15:3119:20Dogwood RdGreen541, 546, POV, 547150, CITZ1-2 Acre Fire In The Woods In A Remote Area. Crews Accessed Fire With Utvs. Crew Was Able To Quickly Contain The Fire That Was Burning Across The Top A Swamp. However Numerous Dead Snags Were Burning Which Required Extensive Mopup To Get Cut Down And Extinguished.
04304-14Brush Fire15:4316:413343 Dixonville RdGrant546, STN, 547190Crew Responded With 546 And 541. Upon Arrival Crew Accessed The Fire With 541 And Attacked The Head And Flank Of The Fire. Fire Was Contained A Short Time Later. We Were Released By 190 While They Dealt With Hot Spots.
04404-16Structure Fire06:3507:161021 Starford RdCherryhill543, STN, 547150, 190, 240, 570, CITZ, RIGAssisted Station 240 With A Reported Structure Fire. Engine 543 And Tanker 547 Responded To The Scene To Find Lite Smoke In The Structure. Cause Determined To Possibly Be An Undisclosed Electrical Problem. Crews Remained On Scene For Approximately 30 Min.
04504-16Tree Down20:3321:27Route 240 Near HemlockGreen546, POV Tree Down On Phone And Cable Lines. Crews Worked To Remove The Tree From The Wires, And Cleared The Scene.
04604-17Fire Alarm Activation18:5419:07167 Mountain View Dr.Montgomery543, STN, POV Dispatched For A Fire Alarm Activation. 540 Chief Arrived To Find Water Dripping On The Heat Sensor Of The Furnace.
04704-18Fire Alarm Activation02:4803:16167 Mountain View DrMontgomery543 The Water Linking From The Sink Above The Furnace Over Filled Th Trap And Dripped Onto The Heat Sensor On The Furnace.
04804-21Structure Fire19:5920:4323534 Route 286 HwyMontgomery542, 543, STN, POV, 547170, 520Electrical Appliance In The Basement Smoking And Sparking. Crews Arrived, Removed The Appliance, And Checked For Any Extension.
04904-26Vehicle Accident Injuries06:1507:27Route 580 Hwy & Alder RdGreen542, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Off The Roadway Into A Tree. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Cleared Psp.
05005-01Brush Fire14:0415:30150 Butternut RdGreen541, 546, STN, POV, 547 Fire Caused By Burning Brush Pile. Crews Knocked Down And Mop-Up Fire And Cleared The Scene.
05105-01Brush Fire15:3016:4612405 Route 286 Hwy EGreen541, 543, 546, POV, 547190, 520, CITZ1 - 2 Acres Burning Behind A Residence Endangering Several Structures. 543 Responded From Station And 546, 541 And 547 Responded From Call #50 Location. Upon Arrival Heavy Amount Of Smoke, Endangered Structures, And Not Being Back To 100% Preparedness From Prior Call 540 Chief Requested 190 And 520 To Assist. Crews Were Able To Make A Great Knockdown On The Fire From 543, 546, And 541 And Had Fire Under Control As 190 And 520 Arrived. Their Crews Assisted With Some Mop-Up And Water Supply And Were Released From The Scene.
05205-03Brush Fire15:2216:40600 Rayne Run RdGreen541, 546, STN, POV, 547150, 190, 350, CITZDispatched To Assist With 541 And Manpower. Crews Arrived And Fire Was Under Control. Crew Assisted With Mop-Up.
05305-15Wires Down13:3815:21Greenwich RoadGreen546, POV Tree And Wires Down. Rea Arrived On Scene And Killed The Power To The Lines. Crews Cut Up The Tree And Cleared The Roadway.
05405-19Vehicle Accident No Injuries11:3112:38 Route 580 Hwy / Route 240 Hwy-Green542, 546, STN, POVIPSPTruck Went Off, Hit A Tree. No Injuries, Non-Driveable.
05505-21Vehicle Accident Entrapment10:4211:59Rte 286 And Vanderbuilt StreetGreen542, 546, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPOne Vehicle Down In A Ditch. 540 Chief Arrived On Scene And Confirmed Entrapment. Crews Arrived And Got To Work Removing The Roof For Better Patient Access. Crews Assisted The Medic Unit With Patient Packaging And Transporting The Patient Up Over The Embankment. A Tree Was Down Blocking One Lane, Crews Cleared The Tree And Cleared The Scene
05605-25Structure Fire17:2322:29308 Franklin StClymer Boro542, 543, STN, POV, 547100, 150, 190, 240, 570, C50, CITZ, IPSP, PSPFM, RDispatched To Assist With A Commercial Structure Fire. Crews From 543 And 542 Assisted With Fire Attack, Ventilation, And Checking For Extension. 547 Assisted With Water Supply To 241 In The Rear Of The Structure By Setting Up Port-A-Tank Dropping 1 Load Of Water.
05705-30Vehicle Accident Entrapment07:4009:2718050 Route 403 Hwy NGreen542, 546, STN, POV150, CITZ, IPSP, PennDotDispatched To A Vehicle Rolled Over With Entrapment. 540 Chief Arrived On Scene And Confirmed Entrapment. Crew From 542 Arrived, Stabilized The Vehicle, And Flapped The Roof From The Passenger Side To The Driver Side To Access The Patient. Crews Then Assisted Ems With Patient Packaging And Traffic Control After Penndot Cleared The Scene.
05805-30Tree Down14:4215:02862 Hillsdale RdMontgomery546, POV Tree Down With Wires Possibly Involved. As Captain 1 Arrived A Local Resident Was Arriving With A Skid Loader To Remove The Tree. No Wires Were Involved.
05905-31Traffic Control16:4017:08760 Pine Flats RdGreen546, POV Dispatched For A Flooded Roadway. Upon Arrival Of 540 Assistant 1 Water Had Receded Enough There Was No Need For The Fire Department. However While Returning To Station Several Other Problem Areas Were Discovered. At Some Point During Operations Crews Closed Pine Flats Rd, Wandin Rd, And Hill Rd. Barr Rd Was Also Closed In The Area, But Was Handled By The Township.
06006-02Vehicle Accident Injuries17:1219:28Route 240 Hwy & Chestnut RdGreen542, 543, 546, STN, POVIPSP, VETDispatched For An Accident With Injuries. Crews Responded And Assisted Ems With Patient Packaging And Traffic Control.
06106-04Structure Fire15:4120:43Sokoly RdCherryhill543, STN, 547100, 150, 190, 240, 260, 570, C50, CITZ, PSPFM, RI547 Assisted 100 Establishing Drafting Operations At The Scene And Operated In A Tanker Shuttle. 543 Established A Fill Site, And Mask Personnel Assisted With Fire Attack.
06206-10Wires Down11:3913:54Sumac RdGreen546, POVGreenSupClosed The Road While Rea Worked To Get Tree Off Wires, Once Wires Were Clear Cut Tree Into A Few Sections There Were Moved By The Township With A Loader.
06306-11Fire Alarm Activation07:0807:26167 Mt. View DriveMontgomery542, 543, 547 Dispatched For An Automatic Fire Alarm. Upon Arrival Advised By Staff It Was Burnt Food, All Units Cleared.
06406-14Vehicle Accident Injuries11:3313:085336 Route 240 HwyGreen542, STN, POVCITZ, IPSPVehicle Left Roadway Into Ditch And Rolled Over. Upon Arrival, All Passengers Out Of Vehicle. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until The Tow Truck Was Able To Clean Up The Car.
06506-18Fire Alarm Activation12:3313:25383 Mountin View DrGreen543, POV, 547 Fire Alarm At Mountain View Nursiong Home With Water Flow. Crews Investigated And Cleared The Scene.
06606-26Landing Zone23:3501:10Musser StGreen543, STN, POVCITZ, VETEstablish A Landing Zone For Stat Medevac, And Assisted Transferring Patient To The Helicopter.
06706-27Wires Down20:2521:591169 Abel RdGrant546, STN, POVGrantSupDispatched For A Tree Down On Wires And A Vacant Residence. Crews Arrived To Find A Large Tree Down On A Phone Or Cable Line. Crews Began Removing The Tree And Requested Assistance From Grant Twp. Grant Township Assisted With A Truck And Manpower.
06806-27Pumping Detail20:5721:471924 Barr Slope RdGreenSTN, POV Dispatched For 6 Inches Of Water In A Basement. Crews Pumped The Water As Low As Possible And Cleared.
06906-27Tree Down23:1223:37Hillsdale RdMontgomery546 Dispatched For A Tree Down Blocking The Roadway On A Curve. Crews Arrived To Find A Small Tree And Quickly Removed It.
07007-05Tanker Assist13:5015:3723 Rte 85 HwyRayneSTN, 547100, 150, 190, 260, 350, CITZ, IPSP, PennDot, PSPFAssist 190 With 547 For A Commercial Structure Fire.
07107-05Standby15:4016:58410 Musser StGreenSTN Standby In Station For 190 While They Operated At A Structure Fire In Home, Pa.
07207-07Landing Zone18:5019:3916559 Route 286 HwyGreen542, STN, POV Dispatched To Establish A Landing Zone For A Medical Patient From An Atv Accident.
07307-08Car Fire15:5516:301425 Larch RdGreen542, 543, STN, 547 Dispatched For A Vehicle On Fire In A Driveway, Not Endangering Any Structures. Crews Arrived To Find A Pickup Truck Well Involved That Spread To A Dumpster. Crews Stretched A Line From 543 And Extinguished The Fire.
07407-11Structure Fire12:1413:052718 Cherry Tree RdMontgomery543, STN, 547150, 170, 520, CITZDispatched For A Barn Fire, That Was A Result Of A Controlled Burn. 543 And 547 Arrived And Assisted With Manpower And Water. Approximately A 20X20 Area Of The Collapsed Barn Burning
07507-14Wires Down20:5921:26156 Kriner Bottom RdGreen546, STN, POV Wires Came Down Off Of Transformer From House Feed, Causing A Small Brush Fire Which Was Out When Crews Arrived. No Obstruction On Roadway Or Any Hazards To Others, So Crews Cleared The Scene After Notifying Rea Of Downed Lines.
07607-18Fire Alarm Activation21:1021:25383 Mountain View DrMontgomery543, POV Dispatched For An Automatic Fire Alarm. 540 Chief Arrived To Find A Faulty Sensor.
07707-22Car Fire17:4018:275555 Route 580 HwyGreen543, 546, STN, POV, 547IPSPWorking Pickup Truck Fire. Crew Pulled A Line From 543 And Extinguished The Fire.
07807-22Vehicle Accident Injuries22:4001:1316000 Route 286 Hwy EGreen542, POVCITZ, IPSPDispatched For A Motorcycle Accident Near Purchase Line. Crews Provided Traffic Control For Psp Until The Investigation Was Completed.
07907-23Wires Down11:4713:15274 Lighthouse RdGreen542, 546, STN, POV Tree Down On Wires. Crews Secured The Area Until Penelec Arrived.
08007-25Fire Alarm Activation08:3908:45383 Mountain View DrMontgomerySTN Dispatched For Fire Alarm. Sensor Is A Known Faulty Sensor, And Home Advised All Clear. All Units Cancelled.
08107-28Vehicle Accident No Injuries21:5122:411930 Barr Slope RdGreen542, STN, POV100, 150, CITZ, IPSPDispatched To A Vehicle Accident, Possibly Involving Pedestrians. Crews Arrived To Find To Park Cars That Were Struck, With No Pedestrians Involved. Crews Provided Lighting And Traffic Control Until Psp Cleared The Scene.
08207-28Vehicle Accident Entrapment22:5800:39Route 286 Hwy E & Starford Rd.Green542, 543, STN, POV100, 150, CITZ, IPSPPasserby Reported A Serious Accident At This Intersection. 540 Chief Responded To Investigate While The Remaining Crew Put The Rescue On The Road. As 540 Chief Arrived In The Area He Contacted Indiana County 911 And They Advised They Were Processing The Call At That Time. Shortly After 540 Chief Arrived, Assessed The Situation And Advised All Personnel Of 1 Male Patient Trapped. 542 Arrived And Immediately Went To Work Extricating The Patient. Crews Were Able To Quickly Remove The Roof And Drivers Door. At That Time Rescuers Found The Patients Foot Entangled In The Floor Pan Of The Vehicle. At This Time We Requested Engine 108 (Indiana), That Was Still On Standby In Clymer Respond To The Scene To Assist. Rescuers Worked Quickly, But Carefully Crews Removed, Pushed, And Pulled The Floor Pan To Removed The Entrapped Foot. While This Was Happening We Were Advised By Ems That The Patient Was Going To Be Flown From The Scene And A Landing Zone Needed Established. Several Clymer Personnel Were Returning From The Wedding Reception, And Responded To Our Station And Used Engine 543 To Establish The Landing Zone. After The Patient Was Extricated Crews Remained Onscene Until Psp And The Tow Truck Cleared The Scene.
08307-28Landing Zone23:2000:14Musser StGreen542, 543, POV100, 150, CITZ, IPSPLanding Zone For Call#82. 150 Personnel Established The Landing Zone With Engine 543 And 2 540 Personnel. Crews Assisted Ems And Flight Crew With Patient Transfer.
08408-01Wires Down12:0114:403917 Starford RdGreen546, POV Tree And Wires Down Near This Address. Crews Provided Traffic Until Penelec Arrived.
08508-14Tree Down03:2604:023025 Allison RdGreen546 Low Hanging Tree On Telephone Wires. Crews Removed Tree And Cleared.
08608-14Ambulance Assist09:2311:15250 Quince RdGreen546, STN, POVCITZDispatched To Assist Ems Getting Patient Out Of A Residence And Down A Washed Out Driveway.
08708-14Wires Down14:1314:55722 Dixonville RdGreenPOV150Dispatched For A Tree On Wires. 540 Chief Requested 150 Dispatched To Assist Due To Limited Manpower.
08808-14Gas Leak15:4117:211197 Hillsdale RdMontgomery546, POV Person Running A Brush Hog Hit A Gas Well, Gas Leaking. 150 Chief Requested By 540 Chief To Respond As Oic. Crews Secured The Area Until Gas Company Arrived To Secure The Leak.
08908-25Landing Zone13:3213:58Barr Slope Rd & Route 403 HwyGreen543150Dispatched For A Landing Zone For A Medical Patient At The Dixonville Ballfield.
09009-09Pumping Detail17:3018:4744 Parker StGreen546, POV 4 To 5 Inches Of Water In The Basement. Crews Assisted Homeowner With A Sump Pump.
09109-09Pumping Detail18:5620:16413 Taylorsville RdGreen546, POV 1 To 2 Feet Of Water Basement Crews Used Trash Pump And Sump Pump.
09209-09Wires Down21:4522:239039 Route 580 HwyGreen546, POV Tree Hanging On Wires. Tree Was High, And Might Only Be An Issue For Large Trucks. Verizon Notified, Nothing We Were Able To Do. Crews Put Caution Tape On Tree For Visibility And To Limit Additional Calls. Crews Then Cleared The Scene.
09309-10Standby05:4508:41550 Sherman StClymer Boro542, 546, POV Dispatched For A Standby In 190 Of 190 And 150. 540 Chief Advised That We Would Be Responding To 150 To Standby For Both. It Is More Central Of The 3 Areas. Due To Weather Crews Responded 542 For Fire / Rescue Calls And 546 For Any Tree / Wires Down Or Pumping Details.
09409-10Wires Down06:3006:54Route 403 Hwy N & Treese RdCherryhill546, STN150Tree Down On Utility Lines. Crews Arrived To A Find A Medium Size Tree Across The Roadway And 3 Utility Poles Snapped, With The Only Wire Across The Road Being A Service Phone Line. All Lines Involved Were Phone And Cable. Crews Removed The Tree And Cleared The Scene For Verizon To Deal With. 150 Chief And Asst 3 Also Responded. This Was In Their Area While We Were On Standby.
09509-10Pumping Detail07:5908:53460 Chestnut RdGreen546, STN 2 Feet Of Water In Basement, Crew Used Trash Pump And Sump Pump To Get Water As Low As We Could.
09609-10Pumping Detail08:5310:3075 Vanderbilt StGreen546, STN 3 To 4 Feet Of Water In The Basement, Crews Setup Trash Pump To Remove Water.
09709-10Pumping Detail09:1511:15413 Taylorsville RdGreenSTN150About 1 Foot Of Water In Basement. While We Were Tied Up At Other Operations 540 Chief Requested A Crew From 150 Handle.
09809-10Pumping Detail09:3414:0412428 Route 286 Hwy EGreenSTN, POV, 547 Several Feet Of Water In Basement. Crews Setup To Remove Water, And Worked To Divert Water Running Into Basement.
09909-10Pumping Detail09:5511:2044 Parker StGreenSTN, POV Several Inches Of Water In The Basement. Assisted With Sump Pump.
10009-10Evacuation - Flooding11:1219:13465 Franklin StClymer Boro542, 546, STN, POV, 547150, 240Responded To Assist 150 With Evacuations And Road Closures In Clymer Boro Due To Water Levels. Crews Evacuated Numerous Streets, And Closed Numerous Roads During The Operation.
10109-10Pumping Detail11:4011:4029 Parker StGreen546, STN Several Inches Of Water In Basement. We Were Unable To Respond Until After Evacuation Of Clymer Was Complete. At That Time We Did Not Need To Provide Any Resources.
10209-10Pumping Detail11:5711:58460 Chestnut RdGreen546, STN Several Feet Of Water In Basement. When We Were Able To Respond Following Evacuations No Resources From Fire Department Were Needed.
10309-10Pumping Detail12:2612:262276 Route 240 HwyGreen546, STN 1 To 2 Feet In Water. Responded With A Small Crew While Still Evacuating Due To Possibility Of Impact Electric, And A Medical Patient.
10409-10Pumping Detail16:5516:55764 Vanderbilt StGreenSTN, POV 4 Feet Of Water In The Basement. Crews Removed With Trash Pump.
10509-10Pumping Detail17:4117:415950 Route 240 HwyGreenSTN 1 To 2 Feet Of Water. Handled By A Crew From Staging In Clymer While We Were Handling Multiple Pumping Details.
10609-11Pumping Detail00:0200:433233 Cookport RdGreen546, STN, POV Few Inches Of Water In Basement. Removed With Sump Pump.
10709-11Vehicle Accident Injuries15:0918:59Gipsy Rd & Walker RdGrant542, STN, POVCITZDispatched For A Bucket Truck That Tipped Over Across Power Lines, With Injuries. Crews Arrived To Find A Bucket Truck Over Live Power Lines, With The Patient Already Moved To The Roadway By His Coworkers. Crews Secured The Area Until Power Company Arrived, And Assisted Ems With The Patient. A Medical Helicopter Was Also Called For The Patient, Handled By A Crew From 542.
10809-11Landing Zone15:4416:54670 Rod And Gun Club RdMontgomery542, STN, POVCITZEstablished A Landing Zone For The Patient From The Bucket Truck Accident. Crews Setup At The Ball Field At The Montgomery Twp Rod & Gun Club.
10909-19Structure Fire08:0909:01170 Arcadia RdMontgomery543, POV, 547170, 520, CITZ, PSPFMDispatched For A Shed On Fire Near A Residence. 547 Arrived Service (Already Out On A Detail) And Pulled A Line To Extinguish Remaining Fire. 543 Arrived Second And Assisted With Mopup.
11009-22Wires Down21:1223:2610801 Route 286 Hwy ECherryhill546, POV150, PennDotDispatched To Assist 150 With Road Closure Due To A Down Power Line Over The Roadway. Crews Established Primary Traffic Control At 286 And Fir Rd, With A Secondary Control Point At 286 And Larch Rd. Crews Directed Traffic Until Relieved By Penndot.
11109-24Vehicle Accident Injuries03:3104:556142 Route 240 HwyGreen542, 546, STN, POVCITZ, IPSP, MontSupDispatched For One Vehicle Into A Tree With Injuries. Crews Provided Lighting And Assisted Ems. Crews Also Provided Traffic Control Until Cleared By Psp.
11209-26Physical Rescue12:2312:532371 Pickering Run RdGrant542, STN, POV190, CITZDispatched For A Person Hit With Part Of Tree While Cutting Trees Assisting 190 Prior To Going Enroute We Were Advised They Were Along The Road. We Responded With 542 In Case Landing Zone Was Needed. 542 Was Sent To Establish A Landing Zone, But Statmedevac Cancelled Due To Weather.
11310-01Car Fire20:5222:02Peles Rd At Lutman RdMontgomery543, STN, POV, 547170Pickup Truck On Fire Near This Intersection. Requested To Assist 170 When Their Unit Was Having Mechanical Difficulties. Crews Used Their Attack Line Supplied By 543 And Finished Extinguishing The Fire. 547 Supplied Water To 543.
11410-02Gas Leak10:4712:032454 Gypsy RdGrant543, POV170Assisting Station 170 With A Gas Well Leak. Units Arrived Onscene To A Gas Well Head That Was Leaking Gas. Homeowner Stated Last Night Around 01:30 The Well Blew Off And Shot Water Into The Air Approximateluy 40-50 Ft. Strong Smell Of Gas In The Area With An Outdoor Furnace Within 50 Ft. Crews Contacted The Gaswell Company And Waited For Their Arrival. Crews Left The Scene After Turning Control Over To The Gas Well Company.
11510-03Vehicle Accident Injuries10:0510:45286 @ StarfordGreen542, 546, POVCITZ, IPSPCoal Truck And A Pick Up. Both Vehicles Were Off The Roadway. Crews Assisted Ems With Patient Packaging And Provided Traffic Control.
11610-03Physical Rescue16:0118:03289 Dales RdRayne542, 546, POV100, 150, 190, C50, CITZ, RIGDispatched To Assist 150 With A Structural Collapse Of A Building Under Construction, With Entrapment. 540 Chief And Assistant 1 Arrived And Assisted Moving Equipment And Manpower Up The Long Rough Driveway To The Scene From Rescue 153, Rescue 105 Rescue 50 And Rescue 542. 546 With 541 Arrived And Transported More Equipment To The Scene. Rescue Personnel Assisted In Freeing The Patient And Transferring To Waiting Medical Helicopter.
11710-03ATV Accident19:2720:5017690 Route 403 Hwy NGreen542, 543, 546, POVCITZ, IPSPDispatched For A Atv Accident Near This Intersection. Atv Into A Building With The Patient Laying In The Roadway. Crews Established Traffic Control And Assisted Ems With Patient Packaging And Establishing A Landing Zone.
11810-03Landing Zone19:5320:38Route 403 Hwy NGreen542, 543, 546, POVCITZEstablished A Landing Zone For Lifeflight 3 For The Patient From The Atv Accident.
11910-09Search Detail18:4320:28410 Musser StGreenSTN150, 190, CITZ, IPSPRequested By Psp To Assist With A Search For A Juvenile That Left His Residence On Foot. As Crews Were Assembling And Coordinating, And Searching A Couple Possible Locations The Juvenile Returned To His Residence.
12010-10Vehicle Accident Injuries15:1116:32Route 403 Hwy N & Barr Slope RdGreen542, 546, POVCITZ, IPSP2 Vehicles Off The Roadway. Crews Assisted Ems.
12110-11Standby21:3823:10410 Musser StGreenSTN Standby In Station For Station 170.
12210-12Vehicle Accident Injuries12:0513:34Route 286 Hwy E & Wilgus RdMontgomery542, 546, POVCITZ, IPSP2 Vehicle Accident At This Intersection. Crews Assisted With Patient Care And Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Companies Cleared The Scene.
12310-13Tree Down19:1521:44Donahey RdGrant546, POVGrantSupLarge Tree Down Blocking The Roadway On Phone Lines. Crews Worked With Township To Remove The Tree.
12410-27Standby00:2901:04410 Musser StGreenSTN Standby In Station For Station 150.
12511-08Structure Fire12:5813:52230 Tulip Ave.Clymer Boro542, 543, STN, POV150, 240, C50, CITZ, RIGDispatched To Assist 150 With A Structure Fire. While Crews Were Responding 150 Oic Advised Small Fire In A Cabinet. 543 Crew Assisted 150 With Ventilation And 542 Was Cancelled.
12611-09Vehicle Accident Injuries09:3210:42Route 286 Hwy E & Fir RdGreen542, 546CITZ, IPSP2 Vehicle Accident, Read End Type Collision. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Trucks Cleared The Scene.
12711-10Unknown Type Fire18:3518:41245 Sherman StClymer BoroSTN150Dispatched To Assist 150 With An Unknown Type Fire While They Had A Fundraiser Going On. Upon 150 Oics Arrival Small Fire, They Could Handle Our Units Were Cancelled.
12811-13Structure Fire10:2612:431006 Allison RdGreen542, 543, STN, 547150, 520, C50, CITZ, PSPFMGarage Fire, Fully Involved When 543 Arrived On Scene. The Crew Pulled Lines And Attacked The Fire. 547 Arrived And Supplied 543, Along With Tankers 157,And 523. Crews From Engine 154, 504, And 521 Assisted With Overhaul And Extinguish The Fire.
12911-15Standby05:4706:09410 Musser StGreenSTN Dispatched To Move 1 Engine Into Cambria 50. Crew Not Sufficient To Move Into 50. After Advising Of That We Were Release.
13011-16Wires Down02:4110:229414 Route 286 Hwy ECherryhill546, POV150, 520Dispatched To Assist 150 With A Road Closure For Wires Down. Crews Closed 286 At Diamondville Rd. 520 Was Activated To Establish A Control Point At 240 & 286 To Stop Large Vehicle Traffic From Getting To Closure Location.
13111-16Wires Down22:2500:021811 Vanderbilt StGreen546, POV Tree Down On Wires Bring Down Pole And Transformer. Original Address Was Incorrect So 546 Was Held In Station Until It Was Located. Crews Closed Road Until Arrival Of Rea.
13211-20Pumping Detail17:0818:335950 Route 240 HwyGreen546, STN, POV 4 To 5 Inches Of Water In The Basement. Crew Assisted Homeowner Get His Sump Pump Operational Again And Cleared The Scene.
13311-23Structure Fire13:4817:23587 Musser StGreen542, 543, POV, 547150, 240, C50, CITZ, PSPFMHeavy Smoke Was Visible From Our Station. 543 And 547 Quickly Responded And Started An Interior Attack. 542 Responded And Established Water Supply At A Nearby Hydrant And Supplied 5" Laid By 154. The Crew From 154 And Additional Crews From 150 And 240 Arrived And Assisted With Fire Attack And Mopop. Crews From 50 Arrived And Established A Rit Crew And Assisted With Other Operations. We Were Also Assisted By Citizens Ambulance Service And The Indiana County Rig Team. No Injuries Were Reported, But A Few Pets Did Perish In The Fire.
13412-07Traffic Control22:0022:53Route 240 Hwy And Route 286Green546, POVIPSPDispatched For Traffic Control For A Vehicle That Hit A Tree That Was Down On The Guardrail Hanging Over The Radio. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Psp Arrived And Then Removed The Tree And Cleared The Scene.
13512-13Vehicle Accident No Injuries22:4823:46Barr Slope RdGreen542, POVIPSPVehicle Off The Roadway Into A Ditch No Injuries Crews Assisted With Lighting And Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Truck Cleared The Scene.
13612-14Ambulance Assist06:3807:091339 Purchase Line Rd.Green546, POV Dispatched To Assist Medic Unit With Lifting. Crews Assisted Carrying The Patient Out Of The Residence To The Medic Unit.
13712-28Vehicle Accident No Injuries09:4111:32Route 403 Hwy N & Barr Slope RdGreen542, POVIPSP2 Vehicle Accident At This Intersection With No Injuries. Crews Provided Traffic Control Until Psp And Tow Truck Cleared The Scene.
13812-28Structure Fire12:5413:192590 Cookport RdGreen542, 543, STN, POV, 547150, 520, C50, CITZDispatched For A Structure Fire, Structure Full Of Smoke From A Malfunctioning Stove. Upon Arrival Crews Found Little Smoke And No Fire. At That Time All Mutual Aid Was Cancelled. Crews Removed The Stove From The Residence And Cleared The Scene.
13912-31Search Detail14:4818:166485 Route 403 Hwy NPine541, 546, STN, POV150, 190, 240, 520, 570, C58, C59, CITZ, IPSP, RIGDispatched To Assist 570 With 541 For A Search Detail For 2 Missing Juveniles. A Crew Respond With 546, Assisted In Search With 541 And On Foot, And Assisted At Command Post. Search Was Called For The Night Due To Weather And Darkness And No New Information. Search May Resume In Morning If They Do Not Return Home.