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Archive Call Info

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Apparatus: Assisting Agencies:
541Rescue (ATV)
542Engine / Rescue
POVPersonal Vehicle
IDNameCounty / Township / City
CITZCitizens AmbulanceIndiana County
150ClymerIndiana County
IPSPState PoliceIndiana Barracks
520Cherry TreeIndiana County
170Glen CampbellIndiana County
190Marion CenterIndiana County
240Cherryhill Twp.Indiana County
570Pine Twp.Indiana County
C50HopeCambria County
RIGRIG TeamIndiana County
CL64BurnsideClearfield County
340RossiterIndiana County
100IndianaIndiana County
PennDotPennDotIndiana County
PSPFMState Police Fire MarshallIndiana Barracks
C59NicktownIndiana County
CL29MahaffeyClearfield County
J17Big RunJefferson County
CL45WestoverClearfield County
VETVeterans AmbulanceCambria County
J20CentralJefferson County
350PlumvilleIndiana County
260CreeksideIndiana County
C58SpanglerCambria County
PPSPState PolicePunxsutawney Barracks
J40LindsayJefferson County
C55HastingsCambria County
GreenSupSupervisorsGreen Township
C62PattonCambria County
160Coral - GracetonIndiana County
HazMatHazMat TeamIndiana County
MontSupSupervisorsMontgomery Township
SHFSherriffIndiana County
FOXBureau of ForestyDistrict 6
GrantSupSupervisorsGrant Township
120BlairsvilleIndiana County
211Westmoreland All TerrainWestmoreland County
600Evergreen Search & RescueIndiana County
K9K9 DogIndiana County

#DateTypeDispatchedClearedLocationMunicipalityApparatusAssisting AgenciesComments
00101-01Standby11:0015:30Sherman StClymer Boro543 Standby For Clymer
00201-04Vehicle Accident19:4423:30Route 240 and Lovejoy RdGreen542, 543, 546, 547-O150, 520Entrapment in both vehicles one on fire (1 Fatal)
00301-10Structure Fire09:3410:11Fisher St CommodoreGreen543, 547-O150Fire Mostly Out on Arrival
00401-13Structure Fire17:4218:33Holly RdGreen542, 543, 547-O150Fire Out on Arrival
00501-13Vehicle Accident19:5820:251115 Cookport RdGreen542, 546 Cancelled en Route
00601-21Vehicle Accident02:2803:2717675 Route 403 HwyGreen542, 547-O150Pulled small attack off front of 542 and extinguished the fire
00701-24Structure Fire01:5602:486358 Route 580 HwyGreen542, 543, 547-O150, 520, RIGFurnace Fire
00801-27Landing Zone13:2014:204137 Pioneer Lake RdMontgomery543, 547-O170, 520Landing Zone for 2 patients injured in an explosion
00901-27Standby16:0218:49Cherry Tree's StationCherry Tree Boro543520Standby for Cherry Tree
01001-28Vehicle Accident22:3323:33275 Glenwood AveGlen Campbell Boro542, 546170Arrived on scene and established LZ
01101-28Landing Zone22:5223:33275 Glenwood AveGlen Campbell Boro542, 546 Setup LZ for accident Victim
01201-29Structure Fire12:2912:36119 Peach LaneSusquehanna  Cancelled before going enroute
01301-30Brush Fire20:2920:45701 Larch RdGreen  Cancelled enroute aftrer sizeup by officer reporting controlled burn
01401-31Fire Alarm Activation18:4919:09325 Montgomery Church RdGrant543 Fire Alarm Activation Nothing Found
01502-04Vehicle Accident14:5816:48Rt 286 Near Diamondville RdCherryhill542, 543, 546150Reportedly near Betty Lou's found in 150's area, requested them activated
01602-05Vehicle Accident02:3003:163331 Cherrytree RdMontgomery542, 546520, C50Assited with accident
01702-10Structure Fire09:2011:093811 Cherrytree RdMontgomery543, 547-O170, 520, C50, CL64, RIGAssited with firefighting and mop-up
01802-12Traffic Control19:4820:5615623 Route 286 HwyGreen542 Non-Emergency Traffic Control
01902-18Tanker Assist18:3619:15250 Pine Flats Rd.Cherryhill547-O150, 240, 570, C59Rsponded with tanker 547
02002-21Structure Fire08:1612:592163 Lockvale RdBanks543, 547-O170, 520, CL64, J17, J20, J40Dispatched for tanker assist later requested for engine/air
02102-23Brush Fire20:4221:082025 Greenwich RoadGreen546, 547-O Field Fire Behind Building
02202-27Gas Leak12:5713:18398 Arcadia RdMontgomery543, 547-O170, 520, CL64Smell of Gas
02303-03Car Fire15:3916:04850 Greenwich RdGreen543, 547-O Upon arrival fire was out
02403-09Vehicle Accident22:0823:2516559 Route 286 Hwy EastGreen542, 546 None
02503-16Brush Fire15:4816:421339 Purchase Line RdGreen546, 547-O150None
02603-20Gas Leak16:1717:113294 Route 580 HwyGreen543 None
02703-20Vehicle Accident20:1021:141473 Fir RdGreen542150150 Handled Landing Zone
02803-27Standby13:3113:37Station 540Green  For Station 170
02903-27Search Detail18:0519:303731 Cherrytree RdMontgomery546170, 520, C50, CL45, CL64Search For 2 small children, provided manpower and lighting
03003-31Brush Fire13:3814:3649 Private Road 5054 RoadGreen546, 547-O Small Woods Fire
03103-31Wires Trees Down18:1619:492276 Route 240 HwyGreen546 Truck pulled Wires down
03204-05Vehicle Accident07:4208:0117107 Route 286 Hwy EGreen542 2 vehicles slid off the road, no damage, no property damage
03304-06Structure Fire01:1703:293366 Route 240 HwyGreen542, 543, 547-O150, 520, 570Fire determined to be arson, confined to 2 rooms
03404-11Vehicle Accident08:3009:45Route 286 Near Calvary Baptist ChurchGreen542, 546 Only Minor Injuries
03504-11Vehicle Accident16:1217:313467 Starford RdGreen542, 546 1 vehicle overturned w/ entrapment. Used air bags to lift car and extricate
03604-11Tanker Assist20:5221:573898 Rt 553 HwyCherryhill547-O150, 240, 570Barn Fire
03704-15Brush Fire15:1716:16614 Rich Hill RdCherryhill546, 547-O150, 240, FOXLarge Field Fire
03804-19Vehicle Accident10:0810:3617770 Route 286 HwyMontgomery542170Reported with Entrapment, Found Negative Entrapment
03904-23Structure Fire01:5206:42309 Main Street Marion CenterMarion Center Boro542, 543, 547-O190, 260, 350543 and 542 arrived on scene and laid 5inch suppy line to the fire then proceded to assist with manpower and equipment
04004-24Smoke in a Structure17:2817:40403 Hillside DriveClymer Boro543150, 240, 570Reported smoke in the structure, 150 OIC onscene reporting no fire, cigarette smoke activated alarm
04105-07Controlled Burn12:1712:543600 Starford RdGreen543, 546 546 went onscene finding a controlled burn and proceeded to extinguish the fire due to the county burning ban
04205-15Structure Fire20:0120:51383 Mountain View DrMontgomery542, 543, 547-O150, 170, 520, RIGFire in the electrical room
04305-19Structure Fire11:4212:534682 Tipperary RoadPine543, 546, 547-O150, 240, 570, C50, C59543 went onscene and assisted with manpower and helped bring the fire undercontrol and were then released
04405-21Vehicle Accident01:5803:0012016 Route 286 HwyGreen542, 546 Provided Traffic Control until road was cleared
04505-21Vehicle Accident15:3315:501649 Pioneer Lake RoadGreen542, 546 540 OIC went onscene reporting no one around the vehicle proceed with caution, taped of the vehicle and cleared the scene
04605-23Vehicle Accident17:4418:41969 Vanerbilt StGreen542, 546 3 vehicle accident with minor injuries, provide traffic control and LZ
04705-23Landing Zone17:4418:34Musser St CommodoreGreen542, 543 Landing Zone for a vehicle accident Call # 47
04805-25Vehicle Accident09:2909:4112016 Route 286 Hwy EGreen542, 546 540 OIC onscene, proceed with caution, negative entrapment, vehicles off the roadway, ordered to clear the scene
04905-23Brush Fire14:4216:25Vanderbilt StGreen546, 547-O150, 190, 520Fire caused by train, multiple locations, due to quick response and terrain fire was contained quickly
05005-26Structure Fire19:3120:191 Taylorsville RdGreen543, 547-O150540 OIC reported control burn, proceed with caution
05106-01Vehicle Accident17:3717:5120058 Route 286 HwyMontgomery542170540 OIC onscene reporting no one around the vehicle, 542 to cancel response
05206-03Vehicle Accident22:2423:2482 Winemiller laneGreen542, 546 None
05306-08Wires Trees Down12:5314:052600 Smith StGreen546 Provided traffic control and removed the tree
05406-09Structure Fire18:5720:48362 Glenwood AveGlen Campbell Boro542, 543, 547-O170, 340, CL29, CL64, J17543 went onscene and was ordered to pull attack lines and make an interior attack, 543 was supplied and our other incoming units provided manpower
05506-16Vehicle Accident21:2921:31286 Near Betty Lou'sGreen542, 546 2 Motorcycles into the back of a car, minor injuries, provide traffic control and awaited PSP and tow company
05606-17Structure Fire14:2715:4813541 Route 403 HwyCherryhill542, 543, 547-O150, 240543 arrived onscene and assisted in pulling attack lines and made interior attack, ventilated and cleared the scene
05706-19Structure Fire02:1305:50861 Gorman Summit RdMontgomery542, 543, 547-O170, 520, CL64543 arrived onscene and established water at a pond on the property and filled 170's LDH then sent manpower to the structure
05806-22Wires Trees Down19:2820:213090 Alder RdGreen546 546 and 540 Rescue Capt PV removed two trees on the roadway and advised dispatch of the pole number for Penelec
05906-22Wires Trees Down21:3023:167450 Route 580 HwyGreen546 546 removed the tree and cleared the scene
06006-26Structure Fire19:5220:24703 Lighthouse rdGreen543, 547-O150House struck by lighting, nothing found cancelled 150 and cleared the scene
06106-27Structure Fire19:2819:4917215 Route 403 HwyGreen542, 547-O150150 OIC onscene reporting controlled burn, have 540 units cancel at their discretion
06207-08ATV Accident14:0115:00Starford RoadGreen542, 546 One patient on the side of a hill, walked in with the stokes basket, and carried patient out, the provided LZ
06307-08Landing Zone14:1615:07Starford BallfieldGreen542, 546 LZ for accident patient, call # 62
06407-22Vehicle Accident12:4414:055805 Tipperary RoadGreen542, 546570542 onscene first and extricated the patient, who was stuck in the vehicle. Placed them on backboard and extricated through rear hatch
06508-03Structure Fire14:4517:05321 Front StPine542, 543, 547-O150, 240, 570, C59Assisted with fighting the fire and provided a rehab area
06608-08Car Fire19:2920:346566 Route 240 HwyGreen542, 543 Arrived on scene and found a small brush fire along a vinyl fence that was out, wetted down the area and cleared the scene
06708-14Landing Zone10:4211:30243 Raspberry RdGreen543, 546 Landing Zone for a Trauma patient
06808-19Vehicle Accident07:5609:1916700 Route 286 Hwy EGreen542, 546 I vehicle into a pole, minor entrapment. 542 arrived onscene and extricated the victim the provided traffic contol.
06908-24Vehicle Accident18:2319:2013661 Route 286 Hwy EGreen542, 543, 546 542 arrived on scene and assisted in removing the patient from the vehicle and provided traffic control
07008-24Landing Zone18:2319:20Commodore Ball FieldGreen542, 543, 546 Set up LZ for patient from call #69
07108-24Vehicle Accident20:2021:27257 Railroad StGreen542, 546 542 arrived onscene and provided lighting and traffic control
07208-28Debris Fire21:1422:183667 Cherrytree RdMontgomery546, 547-O170, 520, CL64Assisted 520 with tanker and traffic control for a small tire fire
07308-29Structure Fire17:3820:08220 Arcadia RdMontgomery542, 543, 547-O170, 520Assisted 170 with a house fire in Arcadia
07409-01Vehicle Accident21:5823:2313103 Route 286 HwyCherryhill542, 546150542 went enroute to the scene and 150 A1 found the accident to be in his area, he activated hi company sent 542 back to station and 546 assisted with traffic control
07509-19Landing Zone17:5718:26540 Taylorsville RdGreen542, 543 Setup a landing zone for a trauma patient
07609-20Vehicle Accident05:5208:0119153 Route 286 HwyMontgomery542, 543170542 arrived on scene and assisted with removing the patient from the vehicles, provided lighting, and provided traffic control
07709-20Landing Zone06:1907:3016559 Route 286 HwyGreen542, 543170Setup a LZ for a patient for call # 76
07809-20Vehicle Accident18:3619:4314139 Route 286 HwyGreen542 542 arrived on scene found no one around the vehicle and provided traffic control
07909-28Structure Fire13:2014:344016 Pioneer Lake RdMontgomery542, 543170, 520Stove Fire
08010-02Fire Alarm Activation12:4712:5773 Hartman RdGreen543, 547-O False Alarm, all units cancelled enroute
08110-06Vehicle Accident04:0005:131184 Allison RdGreen542, 546 I vehicle overturned, negative injuries or entrapment, povided traffic control
08210-06Fire Alarm Activation09:1709:3473 Hartman RdGreen  All units cancelled prior to going enroute
08310-08Vehicle Accident19:1420:37Route 286 Hwy EGreen542, 543, 546 I vehicle into an embankment. Provided lighting and traffic control
08410-11Vehicle Accident08:4508:49429 Glenwood AveGlen Campbell Boro5421701 vehicle into a building, Canceled enroute
08510-14Ambulance Assist03:4604:13468 Elm RdGreen546 Lift Assist
08610-20Pumping Detail17:1919:021790 Mumau RdGrant546 Used portable pump to pump basement
08710-21Pumping Detail12:4313:381790 Mumau RdGrant546 Used portable pump to pump basement
08810-22Pumping Detail12:5314:261790 Mumau RdGrant546, 547-O Used portabke pump to pump basement and attempted to blow out drain
08910-25Vehicle Accident21:2622:266397 Route 240 HighwayGreen542, 546 1 vehicle into a bear, provided traffic control until scene was clear
09010-29Structure Fire22:0802:417277 Main StBurnside Boro542, 543, 546150, 170, 520, CL29, CL64, J17Assisted at the scene, provided manpower and lighting
09110-30Debris Fire05:3005:377373 Main StBurnside Boro 170, 520, CL64Cancelled before going enroute
09211-03Car Fire11:4212:11Rt 240 near Hazelnut RdGreen542 No Fire Found, Just as Antifreeze Leak
09311-03Car Fire13:2714:1182 Winemiller LaneGreen542, 547-O Car on Fire endangering a structure, 542 on scene, extinguished fire
09411-05Structure Fire18:4119:5214 Brink LaneBurnside543, 547-O170, 520, CL29, CL45, CL64Fire was in the flue, fire contained and controlled
09511-06Brush Fire16:2316:48492 Burns RdGrant546, 547-O Small Brush Fire caused by burning garbage, out on arrival, wet down area to be sure
09611-07Vehicle Accident20:5822:142831 Grisemore RdGreen542, 546 None
09711-25Structure Fire02:3803:01776 Greenwich RdGreen542, 543520Light Fixture smoking, checked for extensions, no fire found
09812-01Car Fire16:4517:395557 Route 580 HwyGreen542, 543, 547-O One vehicle on fire in a drive way 543 on scene extinguished the fire
09912-01Structure Fire17:1717:53954 Purchase Line RdGreen542, 543, 546, 547-O150150 Dispatched to assist as we were on the scene of call 98, no fire found, wires and trees down in the area
10012-01Wires Trees Down18:0918:31East Run RdGrant546 546 on scene finding wires down and power company in the area, reported the pole number to county and told them power company was on scene
10112-06Wires Trees Down10:3510:59630 Musser StGreen546 One wire down, off the roadway, advised county of the pole number and returned to station
10212-06Fire Alarm Activation17:5319:1173 Hartman RdGreen542, 543 Onscene reporting smoke in the kitchen, made entry and found a cooking board in the oven with the oven on.
10312-08Standby16:3919:44Sherman St ClymerClymer Boro543 Stand By for station 150, for a structure fire they were at in 570's area
10412-09Vehicle Accident08:2709:0815883 Route 286 HwyGreen542 One vehicle lost control on the ice, into a structure, leaking fluids.
10512-13Structure Fire03:5806:102106 Dixonville RdEast Mahoning547-O150, 190Activated For a tanker assist for a double wide home fire
10612-15Car Fire17:5018:261306 Fir RdGreen542, 547-O Pickup Truck on Fire, Burn Barrel Placed in Bed, Bedliner caught on fire
10712-24Fire Alarm Activation13:4313:54370 Cypress RdGreen542, 543, 547-O Nothing Found All Units Cancelled en route
10812-24Search Detail19:2419:514057 Starford RdGreen542, 546 Missing Person Found Before Search Began, Onscene approx. 5 minutes
10912-28Structure Fire01:1902:2118221 Route 286 HwyMontgomery542, 543, 546, 547-O Small Fire Caused by Wood Burner, Owner knocked fire down prior to our arrival
11012-31Vehicle Accident13:5714:01Vanderbilt StGreen542, 546 Drunk Driver, Passed Out, Fled The Scene Upon Our Arrival